5 Favorite Fall Accessories

The season of sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes is finally here and I couldn’t be more ready. Whether you’re excited to start creating your fall wardrobe or to end your days next to the fireplace, it comes as no surprise that fall is a favorite season for many of us. You’re not drenched in sweat 24/7 like summer or shivering every time you try to talk during the winter. I love this season for the weather and even more for the fall fashion. Here is a list of the top five fall fashions according to Vogue… okay not really... according to me and my fall fashion research.

1. A brimmed/fedora hat. Hats feel so fall to me. I like to add them to simpler outfits like a plain sweater and leather jacket or an outfit with jeans. It just adds that extra level of style. And while there are many kinds of hats out there, go for a brimmed hat (not too wide, though - we don’t want to look like we are going to the beach) in a neutral color. My go-to is brown, but I’m sure you guys can rock a lot of other colors, too. I buy most of my hats at Target but you can also find the trend at a H&M, Zara, or the like. 2. Statement Necklace. A statement necklace will dress up a simple sweater and jeans or can perfectly complement your favorite little black dress. Favorite shades for fall jewelry? I would say stunning shades that match falling leaves. Think browns, golds, oranges, and maroon. 3. A Stunning Scarf. A scarf is the ultimate classic fall accessory. From blanket scarves to skinny knit scarves…..there’s a scarf for every style. This year’s trend favorite? A classic plaid blanket scarf. Try wearing it over your shoulders on date nights and tucked into your jacket on cool, crisp fall mornings (along with that pumpkin spice latte in a to-go cup). 4. Lip Color. Is lip color an accessory? It is in my book! Trade that summer lipgloss for a great berry lip stain. It’s perfect with your fashionable fall outfits….and will add a flush to your cheeks in the cold! I also like to try a burnt orange color with orange/brownish eyeshadow to go along with stylish fall pictures. 5. Booties. From iconic to statement ankle boots, the choices are as endless as my obsession with them. It’s probably a universal rule that your outfit can only be as good as your shoes are. Booties can dress up any outfit that you have to cover up with a jacket. It’s the transition from sandals to winter knee-high boots. Fall booties are a definite must have for this season that will have you and your friends looking just as good as the cooler weather feels.

Honestly I get most of clothes at resale stores so you don’t have to go to the top known stores for style. I put it all together from even thrift shops. You don’t have to eliminate yourself from looking fly this season because of money. Go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and strut your own style girl!




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