Who Is the Holy Spirit?

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. - 2 Timothy 1:7

Going through difficult times (moments) can often lead us living out of our carnal flesh, giving into whatever presents itself to us. It’s easy to give in and give up and to choose to live off of our own strength. Have you ever struggled with something and found it easier to snuggle up in your bed and dread the horrible situation you are going through? Putting it on repeat until you feel like you can’t live life anymore? I recently went through something traumatic and found myself in that vicious cycle of mental torment. Although it would have been much easier to give into the fear, anxiety, and depression I had to choose to pick myself up again and remind myself of what God tells me in His Word every day.

The beauty of having access to the Holy Spirit is knowing that He is IN US. When I find myself going through cycles full of unvented anxiety and depression, I remind myself what the apostle Paul pointed out to the church in Philippians 4. We must dwell on good things, lovely things, things that are pure, noble, and just. The beauty of the Gospel and of having a relationship with Christ is that He gives us a choice. Part of that choice is whether we choose to dwell on our problem or dwell on our Father, fixer of all problems. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and we have the power within us to battle whatever it is that we are facing. We are not beings made to live out of fear, but to live and walk in faith, knowing the God who loves us and created us, gave us the power to access His power through the Holy Spirit. No matter what situation you are facing, know that you have His Strength in you because of WHO is inside you.


1. Who do you define the Holy Spirit to be?

2. Do you truly believe that the Holy Spirit has empowered you with a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind? If not, how come?


Heavenly Father, I pray that in the times I feel alone You fill me with Your Spirit. Allow me to sense Your embrace and to take root into who You have declared me to be, a child of God. Thank You for Your grace and the power You offer through Your Holy Spirit.



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