You Were Made On Purpose

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

- Proverbs 19:21

My sweet sisters, you were formed carefully and intentionally by our Father's hands, dreamt up in His heart, and placed in creation with a marvelous purpose. He has chosen and called you to do mighty things in this lifetime, and yet sometimes you doubt you have a purpose. I’ve been right there with you more times than I can count.

We look at the purpose so evidently given to the girl who moved to Africa for a call to missions, to our friend who leads on the worship team, to the woman on Instagram with incredible photography skills, to the beautifully skilled painter, and the list goes on. I’ve gotten caught in the comparison trap where I believe the purpose given to those around me is so incredible that it begins to dull my own purpose.

In moments of doubt and jealousy remember that our Father created you on purpose for a purpose, and every child he created is uniquely different. We are all creative in our own ways and our ultimate purpose is to love God and share His love with others through whatever purpose God has laid on your heart. Yes, some women are incredibly gifted with missions, worship, art, photography, etc. but if that’s not you know that your purpose is just as marvelous.

I believed for a long time that I didn’t have much of a purpose, and if I did it wasn’t an impressive one. Over the years I’ve discovered my purpose is to simply and beautifully love others and share God's love through my writing, caring for children as an educator, and shining His light wherever my feet take me. Friends, God has placed a calling on your life and He can’t wait to see you live out your unique and creative purpose. Lean into Him and His direction as you learn more about the beautiful masterpiece called your life.


1. What do you think your purpose is right now? How can you better live it out?

2. What does God say about you and His plans for you? (Go to His word if you aren’t sure… because it's amazing)!


Father thank you for who I am and where I am right now. You have created me for a purpose in this life and placed desires, hopes, and dreams on my heart intentionally so that I may walk in the plan you have designed. I pray that my eyes open to new opportunities and outlets to love others and serve. Thank you for your heart after me and provision in this beautiful life.


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