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Writing for Lane of Roses over the past year has been an experience that has allowed me to grow tremendously. I have learned to clearly articulate my beliefs, use my passion for telling others about Jesus, and witness a beautiful community of women come together for the purpose of the Gospel. Lane of Roses is a place that I have felt loved, valued, and welcomed for my individual strengths and talents.

With each piece that I wrote, I was challenged to pursue excellence by digging deeper into Scripture and ensuring that every word was full of truth. Before writing, I didn’t think this would be very difficult. I’ve been around the Bible my whole life - how hard could it be? I was wrong to assume this would be easy, but in a good way. I was challenged to know God and His Word more than ever by writing devotions that were clear, true, and encouraging to others. I learned so much from simple passages that I thought I had known well for my entire life, and now I am able to reflect on those truths daily.

My season with Lane of Roses was very humbling. I knew that I had the ability to empower thousands of women that read my posts, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do that. I’m just a college student with 21 years of living under my belt. How could I encourage women from all over the world to go deeper in their faith and follow Jesus? I couldn’t come up with an answer, but the Lord used me anyway. For each piece that I wrote, I had to completely rely on the Lord to guide me in His direction and trust that it would empower those who read them. I had the sweet opportunity of sharing my writing with so many people in my life and publicly displaying my love for Jesus through these devotions.

Lastly, Lane of Roses wouldn’t be the same without the staff, the ambassadors, and the beautiful women who make it a community. I have felt so loved and encouraged as I have been a part of this community. It is so refreshing to know that I am part of a community that is praying for me, the words that I write, and all that I do outside of Lane of Roses.

Thank You, Jesus, for this wonderful community of women and the time I have been able to invest in it. This opportunity has made me feel so loved, empowered, and more reliant on You.

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