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Redemption is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my journey with Jesus. I think of how, with Him, nothing is ever wasted. He sees the bigger picture while we’re only capable of seeing the single puzzle piece we have before us. He brings things full circle.

Jesus was never a stranger to me while growing up. I was raised in church, in youth groups, at church camp, and in Christian schools. While I gave my life to Jesus when I was only about 5, I didn’t truly realize the importance of surrendering your life to Christ until my senior year of high school.

While God had long ago introduced me to that redeeming side of Himself, it was during this season of my life that He began to show me just how capable He is of picking up our broken pieces and putting them back together even more beautifully than they were before. I found myself at the end of me and at the end of what I knew, and I began to meet Jesus in a whole new way. I learned so quickly that living for Him was a choice, rather than it being the normalcy of life for everyone.

And I think we all come to that point eventually, regardless of what may bring up to that realization. Where we have no choice but to take that leap, and learn to trust Him with everything we have. It brings us to a state of complete surrender, and that’s where He begins to do some of the most beautiful work in our hearts.

I dealt with a lot of physical chronic pain while growing up. The longer it went on, and the more I saw the doctors frantically search for answers, the more it made me question the purpose in what I was going through. It brought me so much hurt physically, as well as to my heart. I felt alone, and I was left feeling confused. I tried so desperately to hang on to the promises He’s given us, but you guys, sometimes it’s just so hard. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.

One of the verses that I’ve tattooed on my heart is Romans 12:12 that says this: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Sure, at the time I didn’t see what Jesus was up to in that season of life. It’s rare that we do see what He’s up to. But I knew that He had promised me hope, and He promises us in Isaiah that His words will not return to Him empty. In Psalms He gives us the promise of comforting us again, and making us greater than ever.

I chose to completely surrender my life to Him the summer after I graduated high school. Looking back, I never would’ve imagined all that He would begin to do in my life once I let Him have control. He’s shown me the importance of both the ups and the downs in life. He molds them all together in a love story He’s writing specifically for us. Our stories are full of mercy, love, hope, and redemption. He sees the bigger picture. Those little details that seem so impossibly massive to us at the time are just another string that ties our whole story together in His eyes. We just have to be patient.

Because slowly but surely, He’s letting me see the purpose in that painful season. And I’m able to see the beauty in it, because it brought me to where I am today. It formed my faith and it put me on a path that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Praise God that His ways are not like our ways.

He’s shown me that there’s not one thing so far gone that He can’t redeem. He’s taught me the importance of trusting Him through the hard times, because He walks right through those fires with us. He won’t let anything go to waste. He’s so faithful to us. And that choice to surrender my heart has been the best thing I’ve done yet. Through all the chaos that life brings, He is the one constant that won’t let you down.



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