The Best Gifts

Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. - James 1:17 NLT

Many years ago the art of being thankful was introduced to me through a book called Simple Abundance. I practiced this for awhile but it soon wore off. Then after I became a Christian in August 2010 I came across a book called One Thousand Gifts. I had never thought of my thankful list as being gifts from God. I learned that what I’m thankful for is what I love. God wants to give us what we love. But He cannot do this unless we receive them. Through being thankful, we receive God’s gifts and blessings.

In another devotion I mentioned being in the path of Hurricane Florence recently. God used this hurricane to teach me many lessons about Himself and me. The other devotion was about fear. This one is about thankfulness.

Before the storm I was walking upstairs and God revealed to me that all my thankful prayers for my house had been stored up and my house would be okay through the hurricane. We only have had our house for two years but that’s two years of every day saying “Thank you” to God for this enormous gift! I waited for ten years to have this house, so I am very grateful for it. I remember the first night I was in my house I couldn’t sleep and I went into the kitchen to just sit there and look at it. I remember saying to God, “You’re not just good, You’re CRAZY good!”

A long time ago my mom told me a story about a man who never experienced God; he went to heaven and God wanted to show him all his gifts that were stored up that he didn’t receive. The gifts are God’s graces. God wants us to experience Him even more than we want to experience Him. When we are thankful for these gifts/graces, we experience God. They are His love transformed into something we can see, feel, or touch. Jesus always gave thanks to God before He did anything. He demonstrated the way to the full life through thankfulness. Gratitude is mentioned many times in the Bible. I believe it’s because gratitude is the doorway to experiencing God in our everyday lives.


1. Can you name five things you’re thankful for today?

2. How is God showing you Himself in your life today through thankfulness?


I thank You for the awareness of Your presence and how I can access it through being thankful. Help me to never forget Your grace toward me, and remind me to be thankful in all circumstances. Amen.



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