5 Easy Christmas Traditions

The Christmas season, it starts getting cold, the time of pumpkin spice lattes has passed and it is on to hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets...What a time to be alive! I don’t know about you, but there’s this feeling in the air come Christmas time that is hard to explain but the giddiness I feel is real. Now, whether you are a Christmas before Thanksgiving type of gal or one who enjoys the holiday but it isn’t your “Best time of year," I think creating fun traditions and opportunities for memories makes any season exciting.

My family is very strange and super non-traditional, but we do have our own special traditions every year around Christmas time so here are a few ideas that maybe you can adopt or try out this year!

1. Go Christmas Light Hunting! Find a neighborhood or event that is known for their christmas lights. Here in my hometown there is a huge drive through light show that we always pile into a car, packed with snacks and hot chocolate, and enjoy the evening together looking at all the lights, listening to music and having un-interrupted family (or friend) time.

2. Have a Christmas movie night! Invite over some girlfriends and bake or decorate cookies (or some other fun DIY) project and watch a classic. This is one of my favorite things to do with my friends every year and we always switch it up. For example, maybe you want to pay it forward and make little christmas stocking filled with goodies that you can hand out to the homeless people on the street in your town. Whatever it is, it is all about doing something together and creating memories.

3. Spread cookie cheer! All growing up, every christmas my mom would pick a day and we would bake all kinds of christmas goodies to make plates to give to the neighbors and other important individuals in our lives such as teachers, coaches, mentors etc. If you are in a dorm or sorority you could even make it a group event and make plates for other houses or dorms on your hall. Crank up the Christmas tunes and get baking!

4. Find an organization to support during this season. All around the world there are organizations that help sponsor children and families who could use financial support in many different forms. Whether that be donating cash, toys, or even for some organizations you can purchase farm animals to help sustain a families needs in that area. For example, Operation Christmas Child packs shoe boxes with christmas gifts for kids in other countries. My family always makes an event out of it and picks out the gifts packs them up and then every few years we will even go to a warehouse and help them distribute the shoe boxes into even BIGGER boxes.

5. Last but not least, the reason for the season, celebrating Jesus’ Birthday! In my house on Christmas Day, we always bake a cake or cupcakes to celebrate His birth. We sing happy birthday and then after that we all sit down and on the back of old christmas cards or note cards that my mom prepares we write down our “Gifts” to Jesus. The things that we really want to work on in our hearts and character or the things that we know we really need God to take control of and we put them in a box for the year. It’s a great way to be able to reflect year after year and thank God for sending Jesus and celebrating who He is and all He does for us.

Christmas can so easily turn into a season of busyness and stress so I encourage you to find those things that remind you what it’s all about. In the end it isn’t about who got what gift but about the memories and relationship we get to build and make stronger because of the gift of Jesus.

Merry Christmas My Friends!



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