Living Life in Community

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

-Proverbs 27:17

I have learned over the years how incredible it is to walk through this life with others who truly and deeply know my heart, and hold me accountable to my actions and thoughts. There is so much freedom that can come from living a life in community with others and having deeply rooted relationships.

As the church, we are called to live in community and to uplift, challenge, love, and sharpen our brothers and sisters. My best friends, the ones who truly know my heart and the Lord's heart for me, have spoken so much truth into me over the years about who I am and who I was created to be. Those friends call me out even when it's uncomfortable, challenge me, ask the really hard questions, celebrate me, cry with me, and help me grow in my faith. I have been blessed beyond belief with friends and mentors who hold me accountable to my actions and help me when I’m struggling. Right now I have two sweet friends at work who hold me accountable to finding rest in the Lord each day, because work and just life in general can be a whirlwind. We meet every Monday and Friday morning just to check in on each other and speak truth into each other's lives. Living in community with those friends who care about my heart and rest is so refreshing!

So my challenge to you is to find community and friends who will hold you accountable, challenge you, know you, and love you deeply. Walking through life with other believers who lift you up and point you to God brings so much light and freedom. Finding accountability in others helps you overcome challenges and gives you rest in knowing you aren’t alone. So find your people, show them your heart, hold onto them tightly, and sharpen each other well.


1. Have you ever had a friend or mentor that has held you accountable to something? What was it?

2. Who in your life holds you accountable? If there isn’t anyone, who do you think would?

3. What is something you are struggling with right now? Who can help walk through that struggle with you?


Lord, thank You so much for the gift of community. Thank You for walking through this life alongside us but also giving us brothers and sisters to do the same with. I pray that we open our hearts to one another and lift each other up to You. I pray that our relationships are pleasing to You and that we love each other with Your love, Lord.



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