Living out - Not Just Believing - Your Identity in Christ

But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.

– 2 Thessalonians 3:3


I examined the damage before my friend spoke up. “I know someone who can fix it, Celeste. Let me text him,” Bella said.

Within twenty-four hours, Bella’s friend fixed my phone, and I headed back to my dorm thankful for a quick and effortless resolution. However, though replacing the screen was quick and effortless, the problem hadn’t been resolved. My screen had been fixed, but I could no longer use the right side of my phone—making it impossible to pass the “Passcode Must Be Entered to Access Touch ID” screen.

Using a friend’s phone, I texted Bella and arranged to meet with her and get a replacement phone until her friend could fix it for me—phone problem solved.

Spiritual problem—commence.

I paced the twelve-foot walking space of my dorm. “I knew this was going to happen,” I said to my roommate. “Nothing comes easy for me. God never lets things come easy for me.”

In one moment, my worry and anger caused me to doubt the love of God, doubt my identity in Him.

This perception changed my attitude. When I woke up the next morning, I was downcast and negative, and the circumstances of my day reflected my outlook on the situation. Everything that could go wrong did—the loner phone took over an hour to set up, a van backed into my car, and my friend was diagnosed with the flu (and there was a possibility I had the flu too).

Everything went wrong.

I called my mom crying over the stress and circumstances that defined my day. I felt defeated; I felt powerless.

“I’m overwhelmed, Mom. I want to believe God has everything under control, but why does He keep making things difficult for me?”

“God is still good, Celeste. There’s a reason for everything.”

I thought about what she said, and my mind drifted to the words I wrote in my journal three days before.

“Don’t forget there are two supernatural beings. One is working for you. The other is working against you.”

God is real, but the devil is real too, and he will take any moment he can to steal my joy and my confidence in my identity in Christ. Embracing your identity in Christ isn’t a one-time thing. It is a daily surrender to trust that, despite the circumstances, God is faithful.

Looking back on the moment I broke my phone, I could see God’s faithfulness—there was someone who could fix it, I was given a phone to borrow, my car wasn’t scratched, my phone was fixed (well, it now has a black screen with a white home button, but it works), and my friend and I are both healthy.

The devil used doubt to steal the confidence I had in my identity in Christ. However, he can’t steal the truth—I am God’s child. He loves me. He takes care of me. I am His. Despite any circumstances, my identity is in Christ.


1. Are there moments where circumstances cause you to doubt God’s faithfulness?

2. How does this reflect your identity in Him?

3. When struggles come into your life, what promises of God’s love and faithfulness can you remember to keep your identity in Him secure?


Abba, I know I am Yours. I know that You love me, but sometimes, I lose faith; I lose confidence. The circumstances of my life scream so loudly that I cannot hear Your still, small voice reminding me of Your faithfulness. Help me to daily surrender my doubts to You so that I can embrace my identity in You. My purpose comes from You. My joy radiates because of You. My identity is found in You. Thank you for making me Your daughter. I love You. Amen.



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