Spring Has Sprung! - 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

One of my favorite ways to wake up is when I hear the birds happily singing outside and the early sunshine is streaming through my window in a golden haze. If I step outside the air is warm and inviting with a gentle breeze blowing. And all of this signals to me one thing…

Spring is here at last!

I love springtime and spring weather. And as the warmer weather ushers in a new season, I also start feeling the need to prepare for the new. I’m sure you have felt that too. After all, they have a whole term for that: spring cleaning.

That’s why I’ve written this post. Because so often we have the good intentions of wanting to welcome in the new season of spring with cleaning, but so often we don’t even know where to start.

Don’t fear, for I have compiled a list of just a few spring cleaning tips I would recommend.

1. Start with a list of goals.

What do you want to accomplish with your spring cleaning? Maybe you have many goals and you know you couldn’t possibly get to them all in one day. What needs done first? When I’m getting ready to do some much needed spring cleaning, I always start with a list and tentative schedule. For example, I might want to go through my closet and put away winter clothes and pull out spring clothes or organize and give stuff away. Maybe I’ll do this on a Friday. Then my next project is to deep clean the rest of my room, so I’ll schedule that for a Saturday. Even if you don’t follow the list or schedule completely, it’s a good guideline to get you motivated and on your way to spring cleaning success.

2. Create a playlist for your cleaning.

I don’t know about you, but I always clean better when I have my music jam on. I have so many cleaning playlists you’d probably laugh. Whatever style of music you prefer to listen to while cleaning--whether it’s instrumental or hip hop--go organize it into a playlist and then start listening...and cleaning!

3. Enlist some help.

I’ve found that often cleaning is more fun when you’ve got people you love cleaning beside you. See if a friend wants to come over and help you clean out the garage for the day in exchange for homemade lemonade. Ask family members if they want to be your cleaning buddies for the weekend. And if you’ve got a little bit of competitiveness in you like yours truly, see who can clean their side of the room the fastest. Reward the winner with some chocolate, because we all know that chocolate makes everyone work faster.

4. Keep it organized.

I don’t like when I have nowhere to put something. Or when I just shove a bunch of stuff in my closet because it doesn’t have a box or drawer to go in. Before you start cleaning, go out to the store and get as many totes or boxes as you might need--big and small. Then start organizing the things in your closets and rooms. This will not only help you know where stuff is at and keep you more organized, but it’ll also make spring cleaning in the future much less of a chore.

5. Have a good rest afterwards!

Great job, all your spring cleaning is done! Now it’s time to take a rest. Go out for dinner with a friend. Grab some ice cream cones with your family. Take a walk and watch the sunset. Do something fun and actually go enjoy all this beautiful spring weather. You deserve it.



Happy spring cleaning!

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