The Easter Story Through the Eyes of God the Father

But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed. - Isaiah 53:5

My hands tightened on the arm rests of my chair. My back stiffened as I heard his agonizing cries. Usually, this room was filled with the laughter and rejoicing of my children. Today, however, they all watched silently.


I flinched.


I grimaced.


I balled my fists.

“Father, please, let us go help him,” the angels begged.

“No,” I raised my voice. “He has to do this.”

“But they’re torturing him.”

I inhaled sharply. “I know. It has to be done.”

I sat and watched as my son bore the pain, the mockery, and the torture. However, it wasn’t the inhumanity of his beaten body or the mockery of his scorner’s that tortured me—it was the sin. Beyond the blood that fell from my son’s head to his feet, my son was covered in sin, but it was not his own. It was the sins of the whole world—the sins of the past, the present, and the future. They covered my son, and I had to turn away.

The sky went dark, and I heard him cry.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

I closed my eyes; I couldn’t answer.

“Father, please,” the angels begged again. “Let us go and help him.”

Authoritatively, I raised my hand. “No, it is almost over.”

I sat in my seat silently, listening to my son. His breaths were getting slower—the job was almost complete. Finally, I heard him cry.

“It is finished.”

I smiled and stood up.


I turned toward my son.

“Father, into thy hands do I commend my spirit.”

My son breathed his last breath on earth, and when I was reunited with him, I ran to my son, my arms reached out in utter joy and celebration. He greeted me with his nail-pierced hands, and He hugged me tightly.

“It is finished, Father. All men are now free.”

Peace filled my soul, and I smiled into my son’s shoulder. My son had won the victory—we had won the victory. Now, my children can be with me forever. There is nothing blocking our relationship. They can come to me, and I can come to them.

The debt is paid. They are free.

That day on the cross, our Father, our Lord paid the ultimate price. Our God saw fit to send His son to come to earth to be mocked, scorned, and tortured, so that He could rejoice in our Salvation. When God watched His Son die on the cross upon Golgotha’s hill, He did it for us—He did it so that we could be free.

This Easter do not take your freedom for granted. Rejoice in it. Celebrate it. Embrace it. And remember the price it cost our loving, gracious, and merciful Father. Our freedom had a price, and God paid it all.


1. How can you embrace the freedom you have been given as a child of God?

2. In what ways can you spend time reflecting and thanking God for saving you?


Abba, I do not deserve Your grace, Your love, Your compassion. I do not deserve the freedom I have been given through the death of Your Son. I am unworthy, yet You saw my worth. You loved me enough to pay the price (the high price), so that I could spend eternity with You. I can never deserve this gift, but Abba, I thank You for it. Thank You for loving me despite my sin and for giving me value. I love You, Abba. Thank You for saving my soul. Amen.



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