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Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

- Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Stress. It’s all around us. It’s inevitable unfortunately. It can grapple onto us and invade every area of our life if we let it. I know personally, stress has been a factor that has prevented me from flourishing in the present. At times, it has even enticed fear in me. Fear of what’s to come, what will happen or result. It causes an endless cycle of worry in my head. I begin to think of the worst possible outcome, and it keeps me from enjoying the small, everyday blessings God has presented before me.

It’s easy to get discouraged and let down when we face trials and tribulations. It’s easy to want to give in and throw in the towel. Have you ever prayed to God but things just don’t go the way you want them to or how you feel like they ought to go? Yep, I’ve been there before. Fear of the future and the unknown is pretty common. And when fear begins fueling you, it becomes your primary emotion.

Begin seeing your fear in light of God’s sovereignty. He is in ultimate control, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We need to take a step back and let God take control. Relinquish your fears, stress and anxiety over to Him and be in constant prayer. Begin trusting God one day at a time. Today’s troubles are enough for today. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6:34 to stop living tomorrow as today. It doesn’t mean we don't plan or strategize but begin to live one day at a time. Every single day that you wake up, CHOOSE Him.

Trust the process and know that in this next layer, you will be ok, and God will take you through it. It’s a matter of laying down layers of trust. The more you know Him, the more you will hear the sound of His voice. He speaks in a gentle whisper, so that if you are in close proximity to Him, you will hear Him.

God wants us to let go and trust Him. It’s easy to forget in all the chaos, mess, and caffeine deficiency that God is our ultimate SUFFICIENCY. It is a constant choosing to give our battles and struggles to Him. To surrender and say, “OK God, I’m holding Your hand. Lead me”. Letting go of that control and acknowledging that you simply cannot dictate the outcome of every single situation has freed be from being in bondage in believing that I must do everything in my own strength.


1. What is fueling your thoughts today? Is it fear of the future, or unknown?

2. What areas can I learn to give control over to God?


Heavenly Father, thank you for ultimately reminding me that I am not the one in control, You are. Like the ravens that you feed, how much more would you do for us? Lord, please still my heart and help me to relinquish my every day to You. Thank you for everything you are doing and for working on my behalf. Amen.

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