To the Young Mom...

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

- Psalm 127:3

In any season of life, motherhood is hard. Being a young mother, however, comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. But, fellow young mommas, we can take solace in the truth that we have been given a beautiful gift from the Lord. He has entrusted you with the upbringing of His children. And, no matter your age, because you are a mother you are blessed.

It is hard to go through motherhood, especially first time motherhood, with the feeling and implication from others around you that you are “not ready” for motherhood simply because you are young. To be a mother at all in this day and age comes with a seemingly never ending commentary from the world. It is so noisy. But in Jesus, we have peace from the overwhelming noise of the world and we have reassurance that through Him, we can do it.

Mothers, as represented all throughout Scripture, hold a very special place within a household and especially within the lives of their children. They are given many responsibilities and duties to uphold, but they are also regarded as truly irreplaceable. Some characteristics of mothers represented across the Bible include nurturing, comforting, strength, kindness, thoughtfulness, loving, and blessed. Momma, regardless of what the world is telling you, as long as you strive to exemplify these characteristics and teach the Word in your home, you are successful as a mother. I can’t shout that statement loud enough. Even on days you don’t feel like it, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Take some time today to reflect on what the Word of God has to say about mothers and train yourself to search for the truths that Jesus has to say about your motherhood amidst all of the noise that this world is throwing your way. Believe that through Jesus, you are enough. Believe that because of His sacrifice, you are worthy of this beautiful gift that God has given you. And most of all, share that truth with other moms! Be an encourager today and fight against all of the noise and commentary this the world is throwing out there.


1. What are certain lies about your motherhood that the world is throwing out at you today that you may be believing?

2. How can you combat those lies with the truths presented to us through God’s Word and through the character of Jesus?

3. How can you work to become a positive voice to mothers in this world instead of blending in with the noise?


God, thank You for this gift! Thank You for finding me worthy enough to raise Your children for but a little while this side of Heaven. Help me to believe that I am worthy of this gift of motherhood and that through You, I am enough and I am a successful mother. Help me to understand that age is no factor in this equation. Help me today, God, to fight to be a positive voice to mothers in this world. Continue to encourage me today in this journey of motherhood. I love You, Amen.



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