Yes, God Really Cares About That

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.

- Deuteronomy 31:8

The room was solid white—floor to ceiling. The reflection almost blurred my vision, dizzying me. Along the back wall, doors formed a half-moon shape. Some doors were beautiful—blossoming with palm leaves and island flowers—colorful and enticing. Other doors were dead—the flowers wilted and cobwebs covering the entrance. I shivered, looking away.

In the center of the back wall was another door—solid wood. Marked on the door’s railing was a name I had come to recognize. I looked down and blushed—memories filling my mind. I went to open the door, eager to experience the adventure within.

However, when I went to open the door, it was locked. Hopeless, I patted my pockets. Surprisingly, I found the key. I rushed to grab it out of my pocket and unlock the door. Eagerly, I walked back toward the door, but I was greeted with a sign that hadn’t been there before.

Warning: Only one may enter. Enter at own risk.

I should have been scared, but I was too excited to meet the person beyond the door. I put the key into the lock and started to turn it. Then, I heard footsteps behind me. I froze.

“Celeste,” the steady, firm voice said. “Celeste, give me the key.”

“But, Abba, it says only one may enter,” I stated.

He put His hand lovingly on my shoulder. “I know. Give me the key.”

“But, Abba, if you go down, I can’t. Don’t you know what’s down there? How important it’s becoming to me?” My hands started to shake, and I walked forward, breaking from His grasp.

“Celeste, please.”

I paused.

“Trust me.”

I turned around. Tears flooded my eyes.

“Abba, I—” I looked away from Him. “I can’t”

He walked over and placed His hand under my chin. “Why?”

I turned away from Him, back toward the door. “Because You never help me in this area. You always forsake me. How can I trust you to go down there and take care of this?” I shook my head. “I can’t.” I balled my fists. “I won’t.” I reached for the key again, longing to turn it and unlock the door.

“Celeste.” He put His hand on my shoulders and turned me around. “Celeste, I want you to look around. Do you see these doors?”

I looked up at Him confused, but then I looked at the doors I had noticed when I entered, and I nodded.

“You can enter these doors whenever you please. If you wanted, which doors would you enter?”

I shook my head; the answer was simple. “I’d want to go in the doors with the live flowers.”


“Because they’re welcoming, beautiful. They’ve been taken care of.”

He gestured to the thriving doors. “Those, my love, are the doors that I unlocked. At these times in your life, you gave Me the key. You trusted Me with these moments.”

I stared at the doors bewildered. My eyes drifted to the doors with the dying flowers.

“What about those doors?” I asked and pointed a shaking finger in their direction.

“Ah,” His voice softened. “Those were the times you wouldn’t give Me the key. You went down alone—without trust in Me, without confidence in My power to help you.” He walked over to the door to the far right. Grabbing a wilted flower in His hand, He rubbed it until it crumbled and fell to the floor.

“You always looked so defeated when you came back. You looked at Me in the eyes with so many questions, so much doubt. You kept asking me why. ‘Why did this happen?’ ‘Why did You let this happen?’” He turned back toward me. There were tears in His crystal eyes.

“I could have helped you. I wanted to help you, but when I asked for the key, you turned away, unlocked the door, and went down yourself. I stood in this room waiting. I knew what would happen, and I wanted to help you, but I couldn’t. I was stuck. Because you took the key, I was stuck.” He came up to me slowly, placed His hands on my shoulders, and bent down to look me in the eye.

“All I could do was try to build you up again—hold you, comfort you. But, usually, you’d walk away from Me—distrustful and hurt.”

He pulled me in and hugged me tightly. “I don’t ever want to see that look on your face again. Please, let Me go down.”

I pulled away slightly to look Him in the eye. “I want to, but—” I shook my head. “But, Abba, I want this, and if you go down, I don’t know what’s happening.” I pulled away from Him and walked to the door and looked up at the name on the door. “How will I know that this will happen the way I want it to?”

“You don’t.”

Determined, I reached my hand to the lock and touched the key. He placed His hand on mine, stopping me.

“You don’t know, but I can promise you something.” He gently took my hand off the key and turned me around. I looked up into His eyes, and He caressed my cheek. “If I go down there, you won’t know what is happening, but if you go down there, it will be destroyed. You will do it in your own power without guidance, without wisdom. You will be searching for something that you can never find—you will be searching for Me. And I will be up here—stuck—unable to help you.” He stroked my cheek. “I want to help you.”

I turned away from him and looked up at the name on the door. “I want this, God.”

“I know.”

“I can’t go with you?”


“How long will I be waiting?”

“It will take some time.”

“Will it end the way I want it to?”

“I cannot answer that.”

“Then how can I trust you?”

“You have to trust the past doors. Do you want to re-enter this door? If you do, you have to have faith that this will have the same outcome those doors had.” He pointed to the thriving doors before He walked over and placed His hand on my shoulder. “And it will—it will be beautiful. No matter the outcome, it will be beautiful.”

I turned around and looked from His face to the doors around him. I was drawn to the blossoming doors. If those doors bloomed because I trusted God, I needed to trust Him now. I wanted this to end beautifully—no matter the outcome.

I closed my eyes and sighed. “Okay, Abba. Take the key. Go down. I want to trust you.” I felt a gust of wind as He ran up behind me and kissed me on the cheek. I heard His feet as the walked back toward the door. The door clicked and screeched. I turned around. The door was open, but He was gone. I walked over to the door and peered inside—a black pit greeted me.

Sighing, I sat down cross legged at the entrance of the door. I didn’t know how long I would sit there, or what Abba was doing, but I knew that when He came back, the door would be beautiful despite the outcome. Because it wasn’t the outcome that made the door beautiful, but the trust that came from the journey.

Every time a new door comes into your life, God wants to go down first. He cares about you and every aspect of your life—He cares. He wants to make your life beautiful; He wants you to thrive. Give Him your key today. You won’t regret it.


1. What keys are you holding onto in your life?

2. What promises from God’s word show you how much God cares for you?

3. How can you begin to trust God with the keys?


Abba, I know that You care. I know that You love me, but sometimes, it’s hard to trust that You will take care of me—of everything in my life. I want to give You this key. I want to trust You. . . I know I can trust You. Here, Abba, take my key. I’ll wait here patiently. I trust You, Abba. Thank You for caring about me and everything that is important to me. I love You. Amen.



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