Dear Younger Me - Akisha

Dearest Younger Self,

Sweet girl, what a life you are about to live and you don’t even know it yet. Right now the little things seem so big it feels like everything is crashing in around you… and the impact it is all having on you, I promise it won’t last forever. Right now you are probably desperately searching for answers, for someone to see your hurt and see YOU for who YOU are. But I want to tell you that exactly where you are, and all that you are going through, the YOU that you are is ENOUGH.

You are chosen and treasured, seen and known by a Heavenly Father who sees it all. That is so hard to grasp but I want to challenge you to trust that. It is okay to feel deeply, to cry when it hurts and even ask for help - ( I know how hard that can be). Choose the people around you wisely. Find the people who make your heart happy and hold onto them tightly. It isn’t about the number of friends you have but about how well they care for and about you, and how you care for them in return. Are they there for you when you need them? Or only when they need you? - Think about that, because in the end you want to keep the ones who will love you at your best and your worst.

Cling to the truth you know. Cling to what is real and authentic. When you feel discouraged, disappointed, exhausted and rejected, it runs deep, I know. People break promises (even pinky promises) and every intention isn’t as pure as you think it is. I see you and I understand how deep it hurts to be misunderstood and mistreated but I pray that you will remember that your security comes from Christ alone. He is your advocate! You serve a God who works all things for your good, and you will see it someday soon, it will be a bright light through any darkness.

Here is my challenge for you that I wish I did more of in my younger years:

I dare you --- to be someone who is so enthusiastic about simply being alive. Whose gratitude outweighs your complaints. Who counts your blessings more than your burdens and speaks words that lifts up instead of tears down (even behind closed doors).

I dare you --- to be someone who sees through the eyes of love and becomes like a magnet to the hurting and broken. To be someone who can look people in their eyes and see past all their imperfections because Great Love did the same for YOU.

I dare you -- to stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks of you. Don’t let their judgements of you cloud what God’s thoughts are of you. Know that you are worth it and really believe it.

I dare you --- to be different. To not get tired of doing good and even when you do get tired, DON’T STOP. Be that flicker of light that can’t be dimmed. Find crazy Joy, let it be contagious in your life and draw others to you through it.

You are SO LOVED. Don’t ever forget that.



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