5 Pro Travel Tips for Your Summer Adventures

Sister, I don’t know about you, but I love traveling, I LIVE FOR IT! I love having so many unknowns and adventures ahead, and I have been on more airplanes than I can count! In fact, just last week I got back from a trip to Israel which meant 17+ hours on an airplane-- Woah! By now, I feel like a pro and after this last trip I I have discovered even more tips and tricks that make airport travel super easy! Traveling should be fun and exciting - not stressful and overwhelming. Here are my go to’s for any trip to the airport!

Tip #1- Download your boarding pass to your smart-phone and have your ID out and ready before you get to the security line.

I bought a super cute passport holder for this last trip that I used as my wallet for the whole trip and it made it SO EASY to find and just pull out what I needed all in one place.

Tip #2- Be sure to pack all your electronics on the top of your carry-on bag or in an easy to reach place so when you get to security you can grab them quickly and put them in the bucket.

I always suggest to really think about the electronics you are bringing too, especially if you are going out of the country. Will you really use them? If your tablet is just for movies, will the plane you’re on have free movies on the screens in the seat? Do your research so you aren’t carrying more than you need :)

Tip #3- Pack an empty water bottle.

Airports charge a lot of extra money for food, snacks and water bottles but after that long trip through security I am always ready for a drink. What a lot of people don’t know is that as long as your bottle is empty it is allowed through security and then you can refill it on the other side. Most restaurants will fill it up or you can use the drinking fountain, that way when you are on the plane you are ready to go without having to wait on the beverage service.

Tip #4- Always pack a change of clothes and a few toiletries in your carry on.

I typically only take carry-on luggage but when I have checked a bag on a few occasions they have been lost a few times leaving me with nothing when I reach my destination. By packing a change of clothes, I at least have something to last me until I can get to a store or get my luggage bag.

On this last trip I made sure to pack a small bag with travel size:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Face wash or wipes


Contact case, solution, and Glasses

Essential oils (this is optional but works super well for plane anxieties)

Sleeping Pills

Small brush or comb

These were life changers because once we landed, it was GO TIME and I felt refreshed!

Tip #5- Whether you are on a long flight or a short flight I always suggest three things that most people forget: Earplugs, socks, and a blanket.

Planes somehow are always a few degrees short of the north pole and my feet are always freezing so socks and a blanket are the best way to warm up. Plus then when you get to your hotel you have something from home.

I almost always have my headphones on me but trying to sleep on a long flight with a screaming baby sometimes feels like something even music can’t drown out. No problem for you though because you came prepared and ready for that long nap.

I hope these help take a load off as you head on your next adventure!!



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