He is Our Father

And don’t address anyone here on earth as ‘Father,’ for only God in heaven is your Father. - Matthew 23:9 NLT

My parents divorced when I was eight years old. For awhile we lived in the same town and I saw my dad every other weekend. Soon I moved away with my mom to another state and then I only saw my dad in the summer. I had to fly every summer to see him. I grew to hate airports. Even to this day airports give me a very sad feeling. To even type this brings tears to my eyes and I am fifty-two now. So, as you can see divorce has a very prolonged effect on children. I have felt like I have spent my life missing my dad more than spending any kind of quality time with him.

The effects of growing up without a dad, for a girl and from my experience, is you miss out on the love of a father. You don’t realize it though while it’s happening. You search for this love in all the wrong places without really knowing what’s going on inside of you. It wasn’t until I was forty-three that I realized I was searching for love. This is what led me to Jesus.

When I found Jesus and learned the truth about Him and God, I was flooded with His unconditional love! It was so miraculous that I never wanted this feeling to leave me. I finally saw that no one on this earth loves me like God does. I fell in love with Him and ever since the day of my salvation I have no more expectations from people to love me. I am fulfilled in knowing God is my Father and He loves me unconditionally. He knew me before I was conceived, He had a plan for my life before I was even born. Nothing can separate me from His love. These are truths in His Word that have helped me heal.

I did a study a couple years ago about learning The Way. It’s about living the way Jesus did which is all about love. One day I read in the book that God sees me as an innocent child. I sat there and meditated on that thought and I suddenly had a vision of myself as that little eight year old girl. God sees me like that! He is not only my Creator but He is also my Father!

You only need to look to one person for the love you are seeking, it’s Jesus!

I understand that some people have a hard time looking at God as Father because of their own fathers. I encourage you to read about God’s attributes and get to know Him for who He really is, our loving Father.

Think about what barriers in your mind need to come down to let the love of the Father in.


1. Have you ever thought of God as your loving Father?

2. How can you begin to relate to God as your heavenly Father?

3. Can you take one attribute of God and meditate on it today?


I am so thankful for You, Father! You say that you have me in the palm of your hand and You will never let me go. I’m thankful for Your Word that shows me who You are and how much You love me! Amen.



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