Love and Open Arms

And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt. - Deuteronomy 10:19

When I think of refugees, I think of people coming from a war torn land - starving, homeless, and in desperate need of help. This also perfectly describes the Israelites. They were once strangers in a strange land - I mean they even wandered the desert with no home for forty years! Yet, they were given such hope and provision from God throughout it all.

They eventually made it to the Promised Land, but not after many years of trials and tribulations. They suffered at the hands of other men, and even themselves at times for walking away from God. But He showed them to be accepting of strangers because they were once the foreigners.

He continually shows this to us throughout the Bible and reminds us to be loving, accepting, and open to those who are oppressed and in need. That just because we might be blessed to have a home, clean water, and safe living conditions does not mean we are deserving of these things (Deuteronomy 9:5). All believers are part of the family of God, and as in any loving family, we’re here to help each other and look out for others.

So how can we put this into practice? I always say start small because if you try to tackle the largest issue you see, you’ll only stress yourself out. So look for a widow(er) at your local church, an elderly couple, a single mom/dad, or simply a family who is in need. Whether that be in need of prayer, assistance in any form, or community. Let’s reach out to those closest to us, and then reach farther.

Let’s keep our eyes open to who may be in physical or spiritual poverty, and need a helping hand. Be the stranger who gives love and open arms to other strangers, for we are all strangers here on earth waiting to return to our true home with God.


1. If you thought of someone specific during this devotion - how can you help them this week?

2. Take it a step further: how can you be praying and/or helping our country’s current refugee crisis?


Heavenly Father, we are all in need of Your love, grace, and mercy. Help me soak in Your love and light. Show me who is struggling and how I can be a light to others - especially refugees who need a physical home and love beyond measure. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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