Sweet Summertime

From the rising to the setting of the sun, the name of the Lord is praised.

- Psalm 113:3

Life is such an incredible gift given to us graciously by our Father, and it is meant to be lived abundantly. God wants us to have fun… heartwarming, belly laughing, soul filling fun! We are given precious friendships to enjoy, a beautiful earth to explore, and adventures to be had. We were created with the ability to laugh, smile, feel joy, make memories, and the list goes on.

Why not use all of these gifts and enjoy them?

Summer time is here and it is such a wonderful time to enjoy a slower pace of life with more room for free time! A lot of us get time to take a vacation, a break from school, and I can’t forget to mention how the sun stays up longer!

I highly recommend making a summer bucket list this year as a guideline to an unforgettable summer. Enjoy your summer to the fullest and explore all that this life has to offer. My bucket list includes concerts, traveling, making new meals, spending time with friends, joining a bible study, going to the farmers market, hiking, and going to new restaurants. I want to enjoy the sunshine, relationships, community, adventures, and life that God has given me.

We can delight in this life and all of the good and perfect gifts from above. This is our temporary home and we have a limited amount of time here to live abundantly before we join our Father. Lets praise God for this life and time that we have! Its sweet summertime, ladies. Go enjoy!


1. What is your idea of fun? What fills your heart?

2. What are you going to do this Summer to live an abundant life?


Lord thank you so much for all that you have blessed us with in life. The gift of relationships, a beautiful world to enjoy, and so many heart filling memories that can be made. You are such a good Father who delights in our joy and admiration of your creation. We pray for eyes that seek and hearts that crave an abundant life. Thank you for your heart after us! Amen.

#joy #seasons #embracinglife


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