I must say my childhood was blessed. Having been raised by two loving Christian parents, God has always been a part of my childhood. The blessing was always said at supper time (I’m from the south so it’s supper); I played on the basketball team until my late teens; my family went to Wednesday night church, Sunday School and “big church” as we used to call it; and most of my friends were from the church growing up.

As high school came around, I still went to church but it definitely slowed down a bit. The same applied in college but the foundation was still there. Moving to L.A. after college was probably the most challenged I have been, as I was surrounded by so many temptations of envy and jealousy. The abundance of wealth and party life was all around me, as well. However, my roots remained solid, so when times were tough you would still find me leaning on God.

My biggest challenge to date (and believe me there have been many) was the journey to find my husband. I say that because it was the longest and most tedious journey of them all. After many failed and disappointing relationships, it was frustrating that God did not place him in my life as I asked so many times. What was He waiting for?

He was waiting to use me and I had no idea. After another failed relationship, I had had enough. God placed in my heart the desire to change the way I dated and to write a book on, basically, how to date God’s way. So many doors were opened for me to write this book and, even so, it took me years to interview everyone and complete Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples Who Kept God First From Courtship to Marriage start to finish.

I remember after I finished writing the book I prayed to God to please “show me His best for me.” The book took me three years to write, so God was not in a hurry. I can honestly say now I am so happy He wasn’t or I would not have met Jeff.

Jeff met all the real qualities that were important to me and more. He always made me feel so taken care of (and still does) and his word was always good. When he said he was going to call or be there, he made good on his promise. That meant the world to me.

He never read my book during our courtship, even though I asked him all the questions from the book while we were dating! After we were married, I gave him a copy to read. A year later we both went into the studio and recorded the book on Audible together.

On my night table I have two journals, one labeled “Prayers” and one labeled “Blessings”. Some prayers get answered fast, some take a few months, and others take years. It’s amazing to see all the prayers relating to Jeff. It is even more amazing to read how they were answered years later. God’s timing is truly worth the wait.


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Book: “Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples Who Kept God First From Courtship to Marriage”. Available on Amazon and Audible



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