Free to Walk in Victory

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

- John 8:36

After dropping my little girl off at daycare this morning, I found myself being overwhelmed with a sense of fear and panic. I had to get to work but I was crying so badly. What if something happens to her while she is not in my care?

I immediately identified the anxiety for what it was and reminded myself that I am free. I don’t have to succumb to Satan’s attack on my thoughts and emotions. Jesus has set me free, and He has given me authority to overcome the enemy.

Being free in Christ also means that you have been set free from living in bondage. No matter what sin or addiction you are struggling with, Jesus has died for you and He has set you free. He forgives you. He frees you from your bondage. He replaces the heavy yoke of sin with His own gentle yoke so that we can find rest for our souls (Matthew 11:29). And when we choose His yoke, all sinful habits and thoughts lose their power over us.

It doesn’t mean that temptation won’t cross our paths. What it does mean is that we will be giving in to temptation less and less the more we choose to believe in the power of Jesus.

We are free to walk in relationship with Jesus. We are no longer bound to legalism. When you realize that you are free, you start to understand what Jesus meant by being the church, instead of being a place where you go once a week. Your heart yearns for fellowship as opposed to just attending a Sunday service for the sake of it.

Our freedom is already paid for! It came at such an enormous price that we would never be able to afford it anyway. When Jesus died for us, He gave us the gift of freedom. So that we can enjoy life here on earth knowing that He has already defeated Death.

We don’t have to try and earn Jesus’ favor. We already have it. We don’t have to earn salvation. It is ours.

All you must do is claim it through faith, feel it, and live it!

Reflection 1. What is keeping you from enjoying the freedom of Christ?

2. What bondage / sin do you have to surrender to God? Even emotional bondage, like fear, is a heavy burden to be living under. Give it to God or ask a friend to pray with you.

3. Are you yearning to experience the freedom of Christ? I want to invite you get in contact with the Lane of Roses team to help you.


Dear Lord, thank You for the price You paid for our freedom. We will never be able to fathom such a gift, such generosity. Teach us to accept Your unfailing love and to show such love to others as well.



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