Great Devotion

You made me; you created me. Now give me the sense to

follow your commands. May all who fear you find in me

a cause for joy, for I have put my hope in your word.

- Psalm 119:73-74

A simple piece of paper changed my life.

“The Board of Directors of Pensacola Christian College upon recommendation of the Faculty hereby confers upon Celeste Warner the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Professional Writing concentration with all rights and privileges hereto appertaining.”

That’s all the paper said, but it changed my life.

This piece of paper gives me the opportunity to enter the workforce doing what I love the most - writing - but it also gives the opportunity to use my gift to worship my Savior.

I used to think that worship could only be done in the form of music, dance, or theatre - an outward art that represented Christ’s love for us. However, that isn’t true. The Microsoft Encarta Dictionary defines worship as “GREAT DEVOTION - great or excessive love, admiration, and respect felt for somebody or something.” Worship isn’t limited to singing, dancing, or acting; worship is any outward way we (as God’s children) decide to demonstrate our love and adoration to our Savior.

For me, I worship my Savior through writing.

I use my writing as a tool to show others what Christ has done for me, while I exemplify Him in the process. Recently, I self-published a book entitled Beautifully Broken (this book is a collection of my writings written throughout my college career). I prefaced my book by stating, “I am beautifully broken, and I want to spend my life helping others embrace their brokenness and live confidently in Christ. This is my purpose.”

Writing isn’t just a career for me. Writing is my way of showing God how grateful I am for what He has done in my life. He has loved me when I have been unlovable; He has saved my soul; He has made me complete. I may have a degree in Professional Writing, but my writing is only a gift given to me by my Heavenly Father that I have given back to Him.

However, you may not be a writer, and that is fine. God has given you a unique gift that you can use to worship Him. It may seem small and insignificant (I’ve thought that about my writing); however, your gift is not small or insignificant to God - it is the gift He specifically gave to you. Embrace it and use it. Worship your Savior in the unique way that only you can and show the world how amazing your God is.

You have an amazing gift, my dear friend. Use it to worship your Savior.


1. What gifts has God given you?

2. In what ways can you use this gift to worship Him?


Abba, You created me with this unique gift, and I thank You for it. However, I desire to only use this gift to show others how much I love and honor You. You made me who I am, and without You, my life would not be the same. My gift is Yours, Abba, and I shall use it to glorify You all the days of my life. I love You, Abba, Amen.



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