Embrace Your Weird

You have searched me Lord, and you know me. - Psalm 139:1

I think as women sometimes we try to put ourselves in boxes. Whether it is related to our careers, relationships, or even outward appearances - when we can’t fulfill whatever that box may be perfectly, we start to compare. I know I have been guilty of doing this many times.

For me, a lot of the time it stemmed from what I like to call

people-pleasing-itis. If I felt that there was something about myself that was too quirky or not enough in some type of way, I’d try to change it. This lead me down many different roads, some as simple as a bad hair style and some as extreme as disordered eating. In one way or another I was not loving who God has created me to be.

What I couldn’t see most of the time was that I didn’t need to go to any extremes to be loved for who I was. And changing my interests to fit in, caking on makeup, and staying a certain weight would never make me start to truly love myself because you can’t find true joy in meaningless things. I didn’t believe that I could be loved as my own unique self. However, before I could even learn to accept that love, it was there waiting for me all along. And it is for you too.

I’m not telling you this because I’ve suddenly broken completely free of this people-pleasing condition, but I’ve learned that, even on the days where I feel completely inadequate in every possible way, I can trust that He is for me. I just have to remind myself that I was created exactly the way I am for a purpose.

Embrace your weird because to God it is already so beautiful!


1. What is one way that you can love who God made you to be today?

2. Take out a sheet of paper or Post-its and write reminders of who God says you are. Put them where you can see them. (I like to stick them to my mirror so I can see them when I start my day)


Dear Lord, I pray that You will help me to love who You created me to be. When I start to forget, or find myself filled with self-doubt, remind me of who You say I am. Help me to celebrate my uniqueness and trust in Your unique plans for my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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