Prayers - A Journal to Remember God's Goodness

There I stood, eyes fixated on the woman I called Mimmie. The woman who taught me how to find the best blackberry bush and pray the biggest prayers. The woman who led me through Sunday school lessons and shared Chick-fil-A french fries with me.

The woman who I once saw as so strong now lay in a bed barely able to move, completely unable to speak.

The room was cold, sterile, and reeked of sadness. Her life that was once so full was seemingly slipping from all of us.

The room was overflowing with family members all filling up the emptiness with meaningless conversation and forced laughter. In the middle of chaotic conversations and storytelling my grandmother began to point. Her fingers extended out towards a marker board just out of her reach.

I grabbed it for her and placed it in her lap. She grabbed the Expo marker beside her and she began to write. We all looked at her hands slowly scribbling our names. First her four children and their spouses. Then her 11 grandchildren. Then each one of their spouses and lastly her 16 great-grandchildren. The names filled up the board.

"Oh, she keeps doing that," a nurse said as she entered the crowded room. "She must be trying to remember everyone."

No, I quickly thought, She’s praying.

My mind raced back to when I was a little girl. I had caught my grandmother writing our names over and over and over again in her journal. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was praying for us.

As often as she could she would write our names down in her journal and as she did she would lift us up to God. By the time I was an adult my grandmother had countless journals full of all of our names. And with each cursive mark a prayer was sown.

There my grandmother laid in a hospital room, confined to an uncomfortable bed, resting in the muck of her current reality. She couldn’t utter a single word , but she could pray. And pray she did.

This was her legacy and my hope is to honor her legacy through the creation of the Lane of Roses Prayer Journal.

A journal designed to help women be more intentional and faithful in their personal prayer life.

1 Peter 5:7 encourages us to cast all our cares on Him, for He cares for us and this journal was created to help you do just that. Each page gives you a space to write your prayer, then another space to date each time you pray it and then a final spot to write down when and how God answered it.

Our hope is that this journal will guide your prayer life and allow you to look back at God’s faithfulness through each answered prayer over the years.

My grandmother always told me prayer was as simple as writing someone’s name down in the presence of God. May this resource help you find the power in the simplicity of laying your cares down to your Heavenly Father.

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