Good Things Planned Long Ago

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

- Ephesians 2:10

Imagine that your wildest dreams were already designed for you long ago. The story of your life was written, the painting is complete. God steps back and looks at all that you are and all you will become and He admires you.

“My masterpiece,” He whispers proudly.

Growing up, I so desperately wanted something that was “my thing.” Something that I excelled at; something to pursue that set my heart on fire. I tried my hand at so many things growing up, but none of them stuck quite like I wanted them to. None of them made me feel like me.

But God already had all of the good things planned for me.

I had the same issue of trying to find my purpose that was worth pursuing when I started college. I wanted so desperately to perfectly plan out the next four years of my life right from the start. I bounced from majors like Kinesiology to Social Work, yet I still couldn’t find something that clicked.

I knew that I had to stop trying to figure it all out on my own, because it was getting me nowhere except further away from God. Each time I was left unfulfilled in the path I was creating for myself, the more my sense of identity and purpose seemed to dwindle.

The vision at Lane of Roses is for every woman to know who God is and how he made her on purpose and for a purpose.

And I believe that Lane of Roses is one of the especially good things that God planned for me long ago when He was writing my story. He placed it in my life at the most perfect moment: when I was at the end of myself and the brink of discovering who He truly is at the core. He had brought me to my knees in awe of Him and in total surrender. I had given everything that I had over to Him, and in return, He gave me answers to prayers. He gave me Lane of Roses.

He used Lane of Roses to fill me entirely with His most beautiful promises. He reminded that He is without a doubt my first love, and that He has so much in store for me. He sees me as worthy, as beautiful, as His masterpiece… and he definitely made me for a purpose. There were no mistakes made.

From there He lit the fire in the depths of my heart for all that He created me for. And once my view of our King was realigned, everything else within my life seemed to fall into place. I saw myself as He sees me, and that changed my outlook on everything.

I discovered the things that made me who I am. The things that clicked, and the things that made me excited to be in school and excited to get up every day. God provided me with Lane of Roses which provided me with the resources to expand on the gift of writing that had been at the bottom of my heart all along.

He equipped me, He strengthened me, and He guided me right to the center of His heart. He’s shown me how to take the things that I love, like writing and building deeper relationships, and He’s blessed me with the outlets to somehow let this be my job as I start on staff with Lane of Roses.

He’s given each of us a purpose so beautiful that it can only come from Him. And if He anoints us with that purpose, He’s going to provide the means for us to live out that God-given purpose in the most remarkable way.

You are His beautiful, precious masterpiece; a work that He will never abandon.


1. What are the gifts that God has given you that set your heart on fire? What makes you feel the most full of life? You may have to look deeper than surface level, but I promise, they’re there.

2. How can you use those passions of yours for the sake of the Kingdom?

3. What’s your why? Why do you do whatever it may be that you do? Is your sense of worth and purpose placed in Him?


God, You are the ultimate artist. You’ve designed us each so uniquely and so intricately, but so vividly saturated with purpose. Help us to keep our eyes solely on You as we seek to live out this purpose. Help us to forget the things of this world… the labels, the temporary fulfillment, let it all be nothing in comparison to the life we find in You. You are worth it all, Lord. Push us closer to the purpose that we have in You.



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