He's Not Afraid of Your Questions

Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with a two-year-old?

Almost always, the first thing that comes out of their mouth in response to anything you say is the question of, “Why?”

Seriously, if you don’t believe me then you probably haven’t had a conversation with a toddler in awhile.

Toddlers are at that exciting age where everything is new and fascinating, and they want to know the “why” to everything.

Recently, a toddler I was watching wanted to do something that I knew was not a good idea. As an adult I could see what would happen if she attempted that, even though she couldn’t. When I said “no” the first thing that came out of her mouth was “why?” My response was simply, “Because I said so.”

I knew that this child wouldn’t be able to understand my reasoning, she was too young. But I knew why I was saying it. So my gentle “Because I said so,” was actually my way of saying, “Just trust me.”

I knew what she didn’t. I could see what she couldn’t. My desire was to keep her safe, even if she couldn’t understand my reasoning when she asked why.

When I think about a question that I would ask Jesus, the first question that comes to mind is, "Why"?

It sounds a little cliche, and slightly too typical, but one that my heart brings up nonetheless.

Because sometimes I can be a little bit like those toddlers. When God interrupts my plans, or when He allows something - or someone - to be taken from me and I don’t understand. When my heart breaks or I lose a dream. When I walk through grief and when life is nowhere near what I expected. When people change and I feel lonely.

In all of those moments, I want to cry out with the question “God, why?”

I remember one particular season of life where the pain was so deep and I couldn’t possibly understand. In my head, I knew that God must have a reason for what He was allowing in my life and what He was doing in His perfect plan. But my heart was broken, and all I wanted was an answer to why. The answer to why it had to happen.

So even now if I was going to ask Jesus any question, it would be that question of “Why?”

But I remember during that particular season of my life, some people had tried to provide me with what they thought was encouragement. And it was simply them telling me to not ask questions - that somehow questions weren’t a good thing. They didn’t think I should be asking “Why?” or any other type of question.

Yet I look at the Bible and I see that Jesus tells us to become like little children. And what do children do? They ask questions. But after that? They trust the answer.

And sometimes, the answer is simply “Because I said so.”

Just trust me.

I think sometimes that’s what God does with me. Because I do ask “why” and I’ve learned... that’s totally okay. Because God... He’s not afraid of your questions. He’s not afraid of your fears. He already knows them.

And like a patient Father, He welcomes those questions. He’s ready for them.

Then He simply picks me up, holds me in His arms and replies, “Because I know what I’m doing.” Just trust Me.

Toddlers won’t always understand your reasoning, because they can’t see it from an adult perspective. So sometimes they just need to hear “because I said so.”

I won’t always understand God’s ways because His thoughts are higher than mine, and His ways are higher than mine. I won’t always understand the answer to “why?” But He knows that.

So yes, I can ask Him why and I can beg Him for understanding, because I don’t understand all of the pain and hurt.

But in the end, His answer might just be... trust Me.

And I can trust Him. Just like a child. (Matthew 18:3)

Because no one loves me or knows me better than Him. And that... that gives me full confidence in trusting Him, even when I don’t understand why.



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