Wipe Away the Lies

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that

we should be called children of God; and so we are.

- 1 John 3:1 ESV

Once upon a time my identity was only as permanent as an Expo marker scribble across a mirror. I wrote words in a hurry that I wanted to make up who I was. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never make the words stick. I would study a word on that mirror every single day. It stared back at me just the same as my reflection did. But just as quickly as I wrote it there, someone would come along, fingers trailing behind them as they mindlessly smeared it from my reflection. The word wasn’t looking back at me anymore, therefore I no longer believed it to be part of my identity.

And just as easily as I allowed others to take away from my list, I also just as easily allowed them to contribute. I placed the marker in their hand myself. I desired their opinion, and I needed their validation of who I was. I begged them to write on my mirror! But as I grew up the words became harder to wipe away. I began to see repetition, and when my mirror ran out of room, they wrote the words on my heart. Words don’t wipe off of a heart very easily.

How I viewed myself began to affect every aspect of my life. It played into my confidence in myself, in how I saw my relationships, and how I allowed others to treat me. Relationships have always been of the highest importance in my life. I’ve struggled with being a people pleaser, and allowing my identity to be tied so tightly to another individual caused me to sink. I tolerated too much, and I honestly allowed myself to be walked all over. Being treated like this, like I was second best and a mere option, began to work its way into my mind and in my heart.

But the really important thing here is that Jesus says differently. Instead of these incorrect reflections that change daily, He tells us that He loves us so deeply and so completely that He calls us His own children. Think just how deep the love of a Father would run if He went to the cross just to save you, just to know you and love you.

You are sacred, you are treasured, you are His! Jesus isn’t in the business of temporary, and He isn’t a fan of His daughter being treated as second best nor of her believing lies. He dreamed up and designed every little part of who you are, and He loves you just as you are. And who you are does not include the lies written on your reflection that you spent so long striving over.

When we view Jesus for all that He is, we begin to see ourselves for how He sees us. Something in your mind will shift, and you’ll no longer be content in finding fulfillment in that temporary reflection. He steps in between us and that flawed mirror of ours, and He stands up tall and strong until we can no longer see it. Instead, we’re looking straight into the center of His heart. And at the center of His heart is all that He sees us as. He sees us as beloved, redeemed, beautiful, and worth pursuing. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s MASTERPIECE. Just as an artist holds each and every one of his creations so near and dear to his heart, so does Jesus value each and every one of us.

When we allow that to become our reality, we are able to step fully into who God is calling us to be. He breaks the chains that had been holding us back, and we let who God says we are play into the rest of our lives. We are filled with boldness and purpose, and it’s so much easier to believe that we are worthy of love.

While where your identity is found may always be a struggle, it’s not something that has to be permanent. Jesus wants to wipe away those inaccurate words written on your mirror, and He wants to replace them with the most beautiful truths that you are His daughter.

You are worthy, you are valued, you are deeply loved. Shout it until you believe it: you are God’s daughter and you deserve to live like it.


1. What lies that are written on your mirror have you been believing? List them by name and call them out for being false. Remind yourself that feelings are not truth, and who you are can only be defined by Jesus.

2. For every lie that you’ve been believing, list a promise of who God says you are. Dig into Scripture and allow yourself to be immersed in His love.

3. How can you begin to live as a daughter of God? What changes can be made to better fit this identity?


Daddy God, we praise You for seeking us out, making us new, and calling us Your own. Thank You for redefining everything about who we are and for loving us so deeply. Give us the boldness to not only believe that we are Your daughters but to live that way as well. Fill our minds with Your truths and help us to anchor all that we are in You. You are so good, God. Remind us of our purpose, and remind us of just how much You treasure us, Amen.



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