Pass Out Kindness

Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul and healthy to the body.

- Proverbs 16:24

When it comes to embracing our identity in Christ, it is also so important that we not only accept it, but live it out as well. I think there are many ways that we can go about doing this. One of these is how we speak to or treat others. In our current society that can at times be so fueled by hate and unkind words, one of the sweetest ways we can live out our faith is to simply be kind to others. As people, and daughters of the King, we are called to love.

Sometimes we may think that it’s okay to choose who we show love to and those we don’t based on what shared beliefs we may have, or if that person has quite possibly even been rude to us as individuals at one point or another. (Now, I'm not saying to go out there and surround yourself with people who may have been toxic towards you, that’s a whole other conversation). I’m just pointing out that maybe we all have moments in our lives where we can choose to love one another and extend each other grace like we are already offered daily by a God who loves us all equally.

For example, maybe your aunt Suzy (or whoever) is your most eccentric relative and your other family members gossip about her. Instead of joining the crowd, maybe we could really take the time to get to know her and show her some kindness. Even if we don’t necessarily understand everything we learn about her ourselves, I think that the more we actively decide to be kind, even during the times it’s not perceived as “normal,” that’s when we are truly given a chance to live out our calling as daughters of the King.

Other than showing grace and kindness to others, there are so many ways that we can reflect that love of Christ in our daily lives. It could be as simple as holding a door for a stranger, or complimenting someone on their outfit. Or it can be as heavy or hard as forgiving a loved one for something they may have done in the past. The more we pass out kindness to those we know and don’t know in our daily interactions, the more positive and loving we can all become as a whole.


1. What is one way that you can show someone kindness today?

2. How do you feel that you best live out your identity as a daughter of the king?


Dear Lord, I pray that You will help us to extend kindness and grace to everyone that You place in our lives. I pray that You will show us how to love others as You love us, even when it’s hard. I thank You for Your never ending love for each of us and pray that we will continue to shine Your light in others' lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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