Pray it Forward

Dear brothers and sisters, pray for us. - 1 Thessalonians 5:25

Sisters, have you ever gifted someone with a prayer? I’m sure most of you are familiar with prayer requests. You’ve probably asked someone to pray for you or told someone that you would pray for them about something, but how can we see prayer as a gift used to equip those around us? After all, we are sent out to share God’s truth and draw people to Him.

One thing that I used to struggle with was praying for people. I had a hard time knowing exactly what people needed, and how to pray in a way that would be fruitful. And I hate to admit this, but I honestly forgot to pray for others even though they asked. This used to happen often. I would tell them I would pray for the particular request they had, then would immediately forget not only what they asked prayers for but to pray at all for them.

Here is something that I find striking: prayer allows us to recognize the power of transformation as we trust the Creator who made all things. I’m not saying that God answers all prayers the way we want Him to, but I am saying that gifting prayers to people transforms our mindset about the way we view the world and the hope we can pass on to others. When we pray for friends on mission trips, do we believe that they can reach one person or do we believe that their efforts will be to no avail? Do we believe that prayer can heal the mother with cancer or do we think that God is absent and unable to hear us?

There is something profound about the gifts that we give to others. It’s a sacrifice, but God has blessed us with the ability to pray. And guess what else is wonderful about the ability to pray for others, sisters? We can never run out of it! One prayer for a friend or family member does not mean you have to give up an arm, a leg, or that concert ticket to see Beyonce. Prayer will cost us a little bit of our time, and that’s it. And when we use that time to pray for someone else, we give value to the person for whom we are praying because we believe that God is willing and cares about what matters to us. We also acknowledge that no prayer request is too impossible to be honored by God.

When we acknowledge the power of prayer, we acknowledge the One who created it as a gift for us to give to others. We don’t always know how meaningful a gift is to someone else. We just have to believe that God’s ways are better than ours and that gifting a prayer is tied to His work to build the kingdom.

So how do we do better as we gift our prayers to others? I like to journal my prayers in the evening. This way, I can recount my day by going over the conversations I had and the people I encountered. When I do this, I am able to remember who to pray for. Another tip is to pray over someone as soon as they tell you their request. This has helped save me from countless prayers that went unuttered to the Lord’s ears!

Find ways to help you remember to pray for others and let’s keep praying it forward!


1. What are some ways that you can remember to pray for others?

2. How can your perspective on the power of prayer affect the way you pray?


Gracious Father, You have given us the gift of prayer. Help us to see how this gift reflects Your power and goodness. We trust that You are working in our world and in our lives as we seek You in prayer today. Amen.



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