Job Wasn't a Burden, and Neither Are You

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.

- Psalm 9:9

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says “No problem” when I ask them to do something.

Don’t ask me why this bothers me so much, but it just does. Perhaps it’s because it implies that it could have been a problem, and then it leaves me feeling a little bit like a problem...a burden.

And no matter how small the feeling, no one likes to feel like a burden.

Maybe that’s why we’ve gotten so good at hiding things? Maybe it’s why we’ve gotten so good at covering up our problems, trying to do it alone, trying to not need anyone. Because the more vulnerable we look, the more we bring our problems to light, the more we fear becoming a burden to others.

Oh dear friend, the simple truth your heart needs is just this: You are not a burden. Not today, not ever.

Here are just a few areas where you are not a burden:

1. You are not a burden for needing someone else.

We all need someone. God created us to need people - to need each other. We can’t ever do things alone all the time. No matter how introverted you may be, you will still need other people at some points in your life.

Go to someone. Find someone you can trust. Talk to them about what you’re going through. Ask for help when you need it. That is not being a burden, I promise you. Especially to the right people.

You are worthy of relationships. You are worth knowing!

2. You are not a burden for feeling sad.

Job was a man in the Bible who suffered beyond what I can sometimes even imagine. He lost everything, including even his own health. He lost things he loved, people he loved. And his heart was broken.

Now he had three friends who came to be there for him during his sadness, but they weren’t always the greatest example of friendship. However, there was One who stayed and listened and talked with Job and never stopped being there for Job.

In the midst of his sadness, God did not consider Job and his sadness a burden. He doesn’t consider you and your sadness a burden either.

3. You are not a burden because you have messed up.

I make more mistakes every day than I would like to admit. And the days when I promise myself I’ll make fewer mistakes? I make even more.

It’s easy when we mess up or make a mistake to feel like we are a burden or that we are failures.

You’re not. You’re just human.

We’ll continually make mistakes until the day we die. It’s how we handle the mistakes that matters. Do we place them in God’s hands and give it our best shot again next time? Do we ask forgiveness when we know we’ve messed up big time?

Needing to fix a mistake does not make you a burden.

4. You are not a burden for being here.

No matter your pain, no matter who has caused you to feel like you don’t belong or you’re not worthy, no matter what has happened in your past - your presence does not make you a burden.

You belong here. You’re worthy of being here. You are not a burden.

The God who created you and formed you beautifully, cares about you more than you know. He is with you through every season and He is holding you through every hurt.

Job was never a burden to Him, no matter what he walked through. You are never a burden to Him either.


1. What are some things that have made you feel like a burden?

2. If people have made you feel like a burden, who are some people you can start surrounding yourself with instead, who won’t make you feel that way?

3. How can you begin remembering that you are not a burden to God?


Thank You, God, that I am not a burden to You. Thank You that You love me and care for me. Please help me to remember that even on my darkest nights, I matter to You and I’m worthy of being here and I’m not burdening You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



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