I am 33 years old and I almost died 7 years ago.

If it wasn’t for God’s intervention through prayer, my chemical toxicity poisoning and candida overgrowth would have been treated as “severe adult acne” and I likely wouldn’t be here today. The silver lining to my health scare is the influence it has put on my life, providing me a God-given mission and calling. I am His pen to write a message that will save others.

It all started when I was a teenager with just “normal acne.” My skin problems were an assumed rite of passage (and a genetic inheritance from my father along with his deep set green eyes and penchant for talking loudly). I made my first dermatologist appointment and was prescribed antibiotic cream. When that didn’t work fully, I upgraded to antibiotic pills a couple years later. The consistent cocktail of internal and external antibiotics went on for 6 years.

I never looked into my diet, my home environment for toxin exposure, or questioned all the additional chemicals I was exposing myself to for the sake of clear skin. Why would I? I had doctors who specialized in skin. I listened to the normal treatment w/ blind trust, adding more chemicals to my beauty regime (on top of makeup, OTC face washes, deodorants, shampoo, perfume, etc).

Then it went past vanity and turned to physical pain on my face. I started to have joint problems. I developed crippling chronic fatigue as a runner who couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs without being winded. My vision would blur for days. I lost my period. I couldn’t digest any food without all the digestive issues and hives. I became depressed and anxious. My white blood cells were low and I was getting lymphoma tests.

I was 26 and my body was falling apart. This is when God started to nudge me. He sent whispers about revolutionized healthcare and to “dig for root causes.” I followed Him with a firm inability to just “let it go and take the medication.” But I was torn by research, doctor’s opinions, my parent’s opinions…

So I got down on my knees one afternoon and prayed. He said very clearly “GO TO NEW YORK.” This made sense to me because in my research I had discovered a “holistic dermatologist” who seemed ideal, but it was 2 hours away and out of pocket. But I took a leap and went. And it changed my life.

Not only did I heal (as best as I can, some permanent damage keeps me in a maintenance phase), but it taught me awareness about the toxins in our world and how the body truly works with healing. I have been opened up to chiropractic care, herbs, plants, and essential oils that He gave us in His beautiful nature for our wellness.

Modern medicine broke me and God used holistic medicine to put me back together.

He has taught me so much through this circumstance. At times when I feel low about the damage that was done to me, I am revived in the truth that I have a deeper purpose now. I am a walking warning He wants to use to protect others from my same path. He wants me to be His messenger.

Our bodies are intelligent, amazing creatures. When we are at risk of harm, it sends us obvious signals. Pain and discomfort are our best friends in keeping us safe. But modern medicine seems to neglect an aspect of this biological, God-given talent that we all possess when it comes to “mysterious symptoms.” They are analyzed in tunnel vision and “cures” are developed in a lab with “side effects include...” but symptoms aren’t isolated annoyances.

Acne is a warning. Clear skin is a sign of health and working bodily processes. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes are all alarm bells that something is not right internally – gut, liver, thyroid, adrenals. Most likely our immune system is struggling against chemical toxicity whether it be from topical or internal, and our organs take the brunt of it.

Your external state is a reflection of your internal state, so fostering and nourishing the inside creates one outside. Nourishing a happy habitat internally in order to thrive externally.

Your body’s job is to send you messages and health updates. Your job is to pay attention to it…And the body is capable of rebuilding itself. Once I started to nurture a happy habitat inside my body and my brain, I started to see permanent improvement in my skin and overall health. The body learns to overcome the pharmaceuticals or it wears down due to chemical intrusions, and sadly the popular answer is to increase dosage or add on more scripts. It’s an endless carousel of sick care. But I am on His mission now to change that as a professional Holistic Health + Wellness Specialist and Mentor.

I believe I lived through my ordeal to help get others through the same. In His name and glory. Amen.

Krista M. Clark, MPH (Master of Public Health)



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