Jesus Had a Mom Too

Mary responded, "I am the Lord’s servant. May everything

you have said about me come true."

- Luke 1:38

Sisters, how many times do we respond willingly like Mary? Are we enthused when we sign up to volunteer in another country where we won’t have access to hot water or WiFi? How about when you have to clean the toilet? Pay the bills? Or attend that 8 AM class?

When Mary discovered that she would be carrying baby Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew translation for “Anointed One”) in her belly as a virgin, she was fearful. She would be side-eyed by society for having gotten pregnant before she was even married to her fiancé. Life wasn’t going to be unicorns and lollipops for young Mary anymore.

An angel of the Lord came to visit and encouraged her, telling her not to be afraid. From then, we read Mary’s response in the verse above. It is an interesting parallel to Jesus’ own life and his obedience to God on his way to the cross.

“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” - Luke 22:42

Jesus wasn’t born into the world when Mary responded with obedience to the Lord. But since He is also God and technically was with God since the beginning of time, He saw and heard Mary’s response when she was told to carry Him in her womb. We see this same desire for God’s will to be carried out in Jesus even though He knew suffering and death were in His near future. Mama raised Him right!

This is a lesson more than just about obedience, my friends. How does Jesus empower us as women to make Him known on Earth? Mary didn’t have a huge part in Jesus’ ministry. She was mostly a follower of His teachings, but didn’t actually do any teaching herself. I’m not saying you should start your own ministry in order to create an impact, unless that’s what God is saying to you. But guess what? We all have a platform!

Your LIFE is a platform and people are watching what you say and do whether you’ve got paparazzi following you or not. This can be empowering and frightening all at once. But Mary didn’t have to stand on stage and sing a cover of “Call Me Maybe” that would thrust her into fame for the rest of history. All she had to do was obey God and let her actions speak louder than the accusations and assumptions people made about her.

If Jesus was able to honor Mary by allowing her to be remembered for carrying the Son of God in her womb while she was a virgin, there is something that we are all meant to carry out as well. We are all worth being heard and we are capable of teaching something too.

As women, we have something to offer to other women and the world. Jesus recognizes that. But do we?

You don’t need to be the most eloquent speaker. While, Martin Luther King Jr. was charismatic, God doesn’t need you to be like him either.

We just need to be obedient. Tell your story and live the story God has for you (like Mary).

Maybe you can lead a Bible study. Or mentor another student. Or maybe being aware of friends that need you is all you have to do.

Jesus sees that and will honor your desire to serve and teach others to live as He did. So go out there and be great, sister!


1. Is there someone that God is calling you to serve?

2. What insecurities and hesitations hinder you from pursuing the call or future call God has on your life?

3. How does sharing your story speak for the partnership we have with God to carry out His work on Earth?


Father, You have called me Your own and You have sent me to do something great for Your kingdom. I may not know what You are calling me to do, but I know I serve a risen Savior who desires for me to live empowered to do Your work. Help me to remember that people are watching what I do and that there is at least one person out there whose life will be transformed when they encounter You through me. Thank You for reminding me that my voice matters to You and to the world. Amen.



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