Life and Life Abundant

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.

My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

- John 10:10

I battled with depression when I was 20 and I constantly relied on medication to hold me together. See, the most interesting part was that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour when I was 19.

So, here I am born again and yet I was suffering from major depression and anxiety.

Something did not make sense. In my mind, I thought because I was born again, God was supposed to make right all the wrongs in my life and I would just sit there and watch. I didn’t understand how He could allow me to suffer so much, yet His Word makes it clear that we should not be anxious about anything and that He has the power to give us rest.

The thing with depression & anxiety is that when you are born again it becomes a taboo. It comes across as if you do not pray enough or something like that. However, I thank God for His love that has liberated us in understanding that you can have Christ and get anxiety with the assurance that God the Father is able to heal all of it.

The mistake we make is thinking that our healing happens automatically. In Psalm 18 David wrote a powerful truth that changed my life. He said, “God turned my life around when I placed all the pieces of my life before Him”(MSG version). After reading that line in the Bible I understood that I had to be transparent before God.

It was very clear to me that God wanted only great things for me but He needed me to open my heart to Him and have an intimate relationship with Him.

Through an intimate relationship with Christ that’s where I learned He came that I may have life, not just getting by each day, but having life in abundance. I got to understand that the devil’s agenda is to stop at nothing until he has killed, stolen, and destroyed.

Everything became clearer. I began yearning for the life Jesus came for. I realised from that point that I had just been existing and not living. In Christ was life, and it was in Him that I had my being. I had to shift my focus. I was so focused on my dysfunctions that I didn’t realise that the thief was using them to steal from me, destroy me, and ultimately kill the me God created me to be.


Maybe you are like me and have certain things in your life that are stealing life from you. Today I want to invite you to confess John 10 verse 10 and write it as visible as possible as a reminder that Jesus came that we might have life.


Father God I love You, You are amazing, and I glorify Your Name. Thank You so much for Jesus Your only Son, thanks for the work of the cross because it is through it that we are standing today. I thank You, Daddy, that through Christ I have life and have it in abundance. May You receive all honour and glory as I live this life You have gifted me with, Amen.



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