You Can't Microwave a Turkey

Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now

what I am doing, but someday you will.”

- John 13:7

“Mom, how do you microwave a turkey?”

This was the driving question of a challenge that rolled across many a social media account last November, which I of course had to take part in. My momma responded with the same concern and confusion as most of the other parents I saw as she tried to explain to me that you do not, in fact, microwave a turkey.


Well, many reasons: it might not be cooked fully, it might not be cooked properly, it would take like 4 hours even in a microwave and that is not exactly safe, it won’t hold the flavor, and the list goes on and on.

The point is, you don’t rush turkey cooking.

The Lord used this silly Thanksgiving prank to remind me that we can’t rush what God has got cooking in our lives either.

The same day that I texted my mom asking this question, I stumbled across this quote from Risen Motherhood Ministries: “Ultimately waiting is a crucial element for God-ordained growth. Waiting is not a forgotten, fruitless place but an intentional, ordained place to which God draws us, that we might remember him and practice our faith. It’s not a lifeless place but a place of life underground. In the waiting, below the surface, seeds are undone and roots are nourished. One day there will be fruit, but for now, there is vital work, work that cannot be microwaved.”

I’ve been in a season of waiting. Waiting for what exactly, I am not exactly sure, but it has been a long journey of feeling like my season is to come. But, I’ve been trying to microwave it. I’ve been neglecting that I might not be 100% ready, I might not be prepared correctly yet, I might not have waited the proper amount of time, and I might lose some of the flavor if I don’t wait it out. I’m trying to microwave my feelings, my emotions, my pain and just get to the product faster.

But, you can’t microwave something that God has ordained for the slow cooker.

So yeah, I’m in the waiting.

But, when the Lord brings me to the other side, I will be flavorful, powerful, ready, ambitious, and prepared. I will be strong and able to say that the Lord brought me through. I will see the purpose behind the long waiting period and the reasoning behind God’s patient directions. I will be thankful for the waiting. I will understand that the 25 pound butterball may fit in the microwave but it was intended for the oven.

And, just as my mom so lovingly pointed out my lack of judgement, my Heavenly Father will remind me of all the places where he was worthy of my trust… where He IS worthy of my trust. Here. Now. So God, if You’re not done working, I’m not done waiting.


1. Can you think of a season in your life where you felt like you were waiting for something to come? Are you in that season now?

2. What may God be trying to teach you during this season?

3. Are there pieces of your story that you are trying to microwave rather than letting them cook in God’s timing?


Father, waiting is hard. And, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m waiting for… just something that’s not this. Lord, but I acknowledge that my very limited view of my life cannot accurately depict what You have in store. Father, would You teach me to trust in the waiting? Would You teach me to cling to Your promises in the waiting? Would You teach me that my life is not my own, and help me to surrender daily to Your timeline and not my own? I love You God, Amen.



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