"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send

you out to fish for people."

- Matthew 4:19

I subscribe to the school of thought that says “called people, call people.” When I got saved and born again many moons ago, I was so excited. I wanted to tell everyone about the wonderful Friend I had just received. Everywhere I was, I wanted to tell them about Jesus and introduce them to His Kingdom. I was totally sold to Christ and wanted everyone to be at the same level.

As I grew in my walk with God, I realised that it was not in what I say that would attract people to the kingdom of God but rather how I model salvation.

Matthew 4 verse 19 came to play in my mind because here Jesus makes is very clear that it is Him that will send us out, what He needs from us is to follow him. We need to fix our eyes on Him and how He walks and responds to certain things, and He will send us out to “fish for men,” which is to evangelize to the world. In the book of Acts 1 verse 8, He calls us to be witnesses.

Evangelism is, therefore, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost through His Word and our testimonies. I was sitting next to a lady on a flight and we are having such a great chat, as we were about to land, she asks me if I had a personal relationship with Christ as she would like to introduce me to Christ and lead me in prayer.

I told her I was already a born again Christian, but she did not stop there; she asked if there was anything I would like for us to agree with in prayer. It dawned on me right there and then that really the harvest is plentiful, labourers are few. We can do more for the Kingdom of God if we can share Christ with people we meet on the daily, but we must incline our ears to His instruction because it is Him who will send us out to fish for people.

A lot of people are out there are yearning to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is our duty as His followers to go out there and make known the Good News. Share Christ with the world.


1. Evangelism is intentional. Today I would like us to be intentional about evangelizing to the people Jesus Christ sends us to. Tell them about His Good News and our Testimony.

2. What is one step you can take to do that today?


Father God, thank You for Your call to evangelize. Today we lay aside any excuse and we go in the name of Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit to share the Good News with those who are yet to know our Lord and Saviour. Cloth us in love and compassion that whoever we speak to today receives you in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Want to know more about the spiritual gift of evangelism? Check out this RESOURCE from Shepherds of the Lost.

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