So we are Christ’s ambassadors…

- 2 Corinthians 5:20 NLT

When you hear the word apostle, what comes to mind? An ancient word no one really talks about today or the automatic link we associate with missionaries travelling to different parts of the world who don’t know Him.

Before today, apostleship like many of you reading this was rather foreign to me, unheard of even. Not really spoken about as much as faith, prophecy, serving or the gift of tongues, unless you’ve done the spiritual gifts test with your church or on your own to understand what gift you’ve been given.

The Greek word for Apostle is apóstolos, which means messenger, the one who is sent forth with authority. This meaning breaks down the word to simpler terms and in many ways, Jesus fits this description, because He was sent forth by our Father on a special mission to save us from sin and have eternal life. He reached to both Jew and Gentile, to every weak, broken-hearted, and forgotten-about soul. Yet, the question remains, what is this spiritual gift and how do we use it?

Thankfully, because the Bible answers all of our questions and the answer to this is no different. There are a few prime examples of apostles in the Bible, such as Paul and the twelve disciples who walked alongside Jesus Christ and witnessed first-hand His miracles and wonders.

They learned from Him, prayed with Him, and were even trained by Him! Now of course, we are left wondering, but how can I be an apostle when I didn’t see Jesus or witness His resurrection… although we don’t in the physical, we were left with the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us, and what I love is that God chose ordinary people who experienced struggles of many kinds and doubts just like you and me. And with time spent with Jesus, they became transformed by the same Holy Spirit.

As I prayed and pondered on what this word means and how we can implement it in our lives, I came across John 17:18 “Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.”

I believe that, just as God sent His only Son into our world, He also sent us to be messengers and ambassadors; to spread the Good News and be a light in the midst of darkness. We are all called to be messengers in our work, in education, on the road, and in our communities. By walking in His light and His truth, following the greatest commandment of them all: to love God and love people.

While there are the chosen few who are called by Him to go beyond our cities and continents to speak of who God is to the unreached, others like you and me can speak about Him openly on platforms such as our social media accounts, blogs, and industries that are yet to know who He is and how much He loves every single one of us.


1. What ways do you think He has “sent you forth” in the different spheres of your life?

2. How do you think knowing what you know now will change how you live your life?


Father, thank You for sending Your Son to us to be an example of how to use this spiritual gift. Thank you for the Holy Spirit, the partnership, and the work being done within us. Help us to see the different opportunities in our spheres to be Your ambassadors, speak about You, and lead the lost back into Your open arms. Help us to not be afraid of doing the unthinkable, if it means reaching the hearts of those who long for You.



Want to know more about the Spiritual Gift of Apostleship? Check out this RESOURCE from Shepherds of the Lost.

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