But among you it will be different. Whoever wants

to be a leader among you must be your servant…

- Matthew 20:26

He served. He wept. He led. He followed. He loved. He walked with us. Talked to us. Prayed for us. Ate beside us. He suffered and He defeated death. He said we were worth it. All of it. He didn't have to, but He wanted to.

Jesus is and will always be the greatest leader the world will ever know and He has chosen for His legacy of leadership to live on through His church. He didn’t want His brand of leadership to end with Him. He desired for the whole world to know what Godly leadership looks like.

It’s radical. It’s different. It’s attractive and it attracts people to want to know Jesus better.

The spiritual gift of leadership is given to certain members of the church body. Those with this spiritual gift feel led to set goals and make plans in accordance with God’s purpose for His Kingdom. They are visionaries and can communicate in such a way that others can grasp the vision God has given and live it out. Godly leaders help create harmony among the body as they lead the members to work together using their God-given gifts to accomplish the race God has set before them.

Godly leaders don’t look like the world. They serve alongside their people. They do the grunt work too. They aren’t high and mighty. They are humble and live by faith. They know their need for Jesus and they cry out to Him often. They desire to emulate the leadership of the greatest leader. The one who said to lead you must serve.

So they start there. They serve first. They serve the One True God and His people, and through the holy act of serving, people follow. Not because they have the loudest voice or the greatest speeches. They aren’t leaders because they wrote a million books or have bookoos of money. They served, often the least of those among us, and that service is attractive. Why? Because it’s Jesus in them and Jesus is so attractive.

Those with the gift of leadership don’t strive to be great leaders; they desire to follow the greatest leader, to know Him better, to live out His legacy so the whole world might know the King who died and rose for them!


1. Do you think you have the gift of leadership? Why? If not, who is someone in your life you see with this gift and how can you encourage them?

2. Has God given you a specific vision for His people to communicate and execute? What is it?


Lord, Thank You for being the greatest leader. For giving me an example of Godly leadership and for entrusting me to live out that legacy till the whole world hears. You are good! The greatest King the Earth will ever know. I love You God, help me to be all You made me to be.



Want to know more about the Spiritual Gift of Leadership? Check out this RESOURCE from Shepherds of the Lost.

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