To the Girl Who Wants to Lay It All Down

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But as for you, be strong and courageous for your

work will be rewarded.

- 2 Chronicles 15:7

Dear Daughter,

I am your Father and I am well pleased with you.

I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman that you are and I am proud of everything you are becoming.

I know that life hasn’t been exactly kind to you but you have held on to your faith and clung onto my love and my promises to you.

Today I want to assure you that you are loved, you are accepted, and you are worth joy and happiness.

Today I write to you because I have seen your tears and have heard your cries. I am reminding you today that my plans for you are to prosper you and never to harm you.

Everything you have been through was part of a bigger plan that you might draw nearer to me. I know life is hard and seems a bit unfair given your commitment to me and the Gospel. I was not lying when I said I will never leave nor forsake you, so when you go through difficult times know that I am there holding your hand. I know sometimes you want to give it all up but the deep roots of my love in your heart have kept you here and I am glad.

See, you do not have to figure out this whole thing called life, you don’t have to have it together because life is experienced in pieces and your duty is to trust me as I piece it together. I have great plans for your life, and you will experience My goodness in this land of the living. Do not lose heart, and never stop doing good because in due time it will pay off. I am the Lord your Father and I am not unjust that I will forget the things you have done in my name. I am your Father and I love you more than everything. I care about how you feel. Call upon me and I will answer. Give me all your burdens and troubles, and I will give you rest.

I know you have been waiting patiently for your breakthrough; don’t lose heart, don’t give up, I am your God and I am your Father, in due time I will do something great!

My Daughter, hold on to your faith and continue fellowshipping with fellow saints, my plan for your life is in motion.

PS: I love you.

Your Father



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