To the Girl in the Hospital Bed...

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This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.

- Hebrews 6:19

This is for you. The you that is hurting beyond belief. The you that doesn’t understand why what is happening is happening. The you that needs a message of hope. I understand. I’ve been there.

Not too long ago, I remember being at home in pain, and then in the hospital in pain crying out to God to heal me. I was five months pregnant and extremely sick. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or move around. Doctors couldn’t figure it out and I didn’t understand what was happening or why, but I knew I needed Him.

Eventually He did heal me. It wasn’t in the way I wanted it to happen, but He did. He followed through like He always does; in His time and His way. I can’t say I never questioned Him. I couldn’t understand why He would allow this to happen. I quickly learned that doctors are fallible. They told me the infection I had wasn’t in my uterus where my baby was. But it was. My baby boy was healthy, yet I still lost him. My whole life changed in an instant. But I was healed, the infection was gone.

If you are in the hospital right now, or have ever been, you understand that. The doctor can walk in and tell you one thing that changes everything.

“It’s cancer.”

“There’s no heartbeat.”

“The infection has spread.”

“The medicine isn’t working.”

Whatever it may be or have been - it’s a gut wrenching kick to the chest.

But Jesus is in the room with you. Always has been and always will be. He is there next to you, weeping along with you. He is holding you close - you need only to be still and listen.

Easy to say, right? But He was there with me in the hospital room as I wept for my baby, and every day since. He has proven His faithfulness to me by gifting me another son whom I would not have had I not lost my first son.

Friend, I don’t know your circumstances, but I know they are unbelievably hard. Hold tight to Jesus; His way will always be the right way even if it is the hardest thing you’ve ever endured. Our trials and tribulations are there so we can look to God and become closer to Him. We can either lean into Him as our anchor of hope or away to the world only to be disappointed.

We don’t always get answers, but one day we will be beyond the veil with Jesus and everything will make sense. We will have no questions, confusion, heartache, sorrow, or death. There will only be light, life, joy, and peace. So today, look to Jesus. He is your hope.


1. What hope can you pray into your heart right now?

2. How can you ask Jesus to comfort you during this confusing circumstance?


Heavenly Father, be with me today. Help me to be content in the unknown. It’s so scary here and I need Your comfort and peace more than anything. Be my hope today and every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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