God Created the Best Picture

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Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,

so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the

creatures that move along the ground.”

- Genesis 1:26

God created the world with us in mind.

It’s interesting to read Genesis 1. God created everything we needed. He prepared the world before we could inhabit it. He started off by creating the heavens and the earth, then separating the light from the darkness, water and sky, land, plants, the sun, moon, stars, aquatic animals, birds, and land animals. He created us last.

What would the world be like if He had created humans first? I guess Adam and Eve would’ve been left starving, cold, and in darkness. They wouldn’t be able to see God’s beautiful creations until much later.

I cannot imagine the serenity of God’s newly created world. Untouched and pure. Orangutans probably never worried about being endangered. Succulents and aloe plants were in abundance, maybe growing larger than the ones on your kitchen windowsill.

God got pretty creative when He made everything too. I’m not sure I could ever think of creating an animal that has a really long nose or one that has a shell on its back. I’m sure Adam and Eve were amazed just taking in the scenery of all the things God filled the earth with!

God looked upon all of His creations and declared them all good. And even more, when He made us, He called it “very good.” God created us last, but He made us in His own image! He even gave us the privilege of ruling over all the animals. I think the declaration alone of all creation’s goodness tells us that God approved of His work. There was nothing He felt the need to add or subtract. In addition, He knew that each of His creations had a purpose.

God has the number of days we’ve lived memorized, just like He knows the whereabouts of every wildebeest in the Serengeti. More complex than any painting or movie we can analyze and ponder symbolism over, God has created so many layers to every one of His creations.

God knows about your family, where you went to high school, when you first scabbed your knee, and why Jennifer Anniston never changes her hairstyle. He is detail-oriented and careful. God knows the fragility of His creation and knows that we are a lot more complex than what meets the eye.

He also knows when we need a good reminder that we should see ourselves the way that He does: very good.


1. Take time to slow down and revel in God’s creation. Observe the flowers, trees, sky, and birds chirping. How do these point you to God’s creativity and loving nature?

2. How does knowing that you were created in the image of God remind you of your worth to Him?

3. What work has God done in your life that you can thank Him for?


Mighty God, You are big and yet so close. Thank You for creating the whole world with me in mind. Even when I feel small, You still know my heart and the words I leave unsaid. Help me to see Your loving hand in the mundane of everyday, delighting in Your creation all around me. You have created me in Your image and I want to live knowing that this is a truth I can remain grounded in, Amen.



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