Valentine's Day Gift Ideas by Love Language

Valentine’s Day can bring around a whole host of emotions. For some, it brings the idea of a sweet day with their significant other. Some may look forward to a fun dinner with their gal pals, while others may have more negative views of this lovey dovey holiday. No matter where you are on the spectrum, buying or receiving Valentine’s Day gifts can be exciting! Check out Lane of Roses Staff Valentine’s gift ideas by Love Language for all of your favorite people!

Acts of Service - Friends with this Love Language most appreciate being served! You could gift them the act of doing all their chores, going to the grocery store for them, or even buying them a Spa Day experience.

Quality Time - Just spending time with friends who have this Love Language will make them over-the-moon excited! This could pan out in a variety of fun activities - going on a walk, planning a fun hike, or cooking a sweet dinner together could leave your loved one feeling so valuable!

Physical Touch - These friends need to tangibly experience that someone loves them. Sometimes this could mean a hug, a snuggly movie night, or even being gifted a massage! You could even give them something cozy - slippers, a robe, or a cuddly teddy bear - that would make them feel so wrapped up and loved!

Words of Affirmation - With our Words friends, it is vital that you explain how much you care and what makes you love them. A sweet hand-written letter or even a poem about what you love about them could make them feel like the most special person in the world! Even a canvas or journal with kind words can be so encouraging to them!

Gifts - Wow, the possibilities with these friends are endless!! However, they often value gifts that are thoughtful and show how much you know them. Think of something that your loved one enjoys doing or something they value and base your gift ideas on that! Something that shows that you put in a lot of time and effort will make them feel so loved.



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