Celebrating God's Faithfulness

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I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes,

I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.

- Psalm 77:11-12 NIV

Can you remember? One of my favorite people, Ann Voskamp, says we all have soul amnesia. It’s easy to forget what God has done, to recognize what He is doing, and to keep the faith for what He will do. We can remember to show God the honor He deserves by counting our blessings through prayer without ceasing. To be fully aware of what is right in front of us, to be thankful for what is. I learned this practice of counting my blessings three years ago. When you remember God’s graces toward you, you see His faithfulness.

It was February 2016 when I learned to count. For ten years my husband and I wanted to buy our own house. In May 2016 we decided to try again, only this time I prayed and gave it to God. I kept a journal of the process, and I can see and remember God’s faithfulness through the whole ordeal.

The house was marked down to an unbelievably low price. It had everything we needed. My husband was led to ask our bank to help us. They approved us with no money down! Going through the closing was the hardest time of my life! It felt like a roller coaster ride, with my eyes closed, I could let Jesus take care of everything. And He did!

Money came from unexpected places right when we needed it. It was always the exact amount we needed for that week. Every week brought on a new hurdle we had to “jump over” but God was there every time. He came through for us just at the nick of time. We didn’t have any closing costs and they actually gave us money at the closing! Our house payment was the same as it was when we were paying rent, so no big adjustment there. We needed a fence and a shed though but God came through for us with that too. Our bank loaned us the money! It was all a miracle of God!

Every day I listened to two worship songs in the car, “I Will Trust In You” and “ The Lord Our God.” One day, Satan was trying to get me to doubt by putting negative thoughts in my mind, and I felt the Holy Spirit convey to me, Satan is trying to blow your house down but your house is built on a rock, Jesus, nothing is going to blow you away!

I believed that, and I believe every promise that God gives us in the Bible. This is what reminds us of His faithfulness. When we read stories in the Bible of His faithfulness to others and remember how He has been faithful to us personally. Something I heard from a pastor years ago was, If God provided for me then, He will do it again! We have to keep reminding ourselves so we don’t forget how great our God is!


1. Can you remember the last time God showed His faithfulness to you? Thank Him now.

2. What would best help you keep track of God’s faithfulness?

3. What promises has God fulfilled in your life?


Thank you for Your faithfulness! Thank You for hearing my prayers and answering. Thank You for the Bible so I can read of Your faithfulness to others and believe Your promises for myself, Amen.



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