Guide to Flower Pressing

When I was little, I remember my mom going out to the gardens we had around our yard and picking various wildflowers. I always wondered what beautiful things my mom was going to create out of each of the flowers she picked.

The one project I can recall often was one where she would pick each stem off of the flower, put it in between two sheets of wax paper inside a really heavy book (usually an encyclopedia is what she would use!), and then wait. The waiting allowed her to change something as beautiful as a flower into a greeting card, birthday card, or practically any kind of card you could think of!

I never remember my mom using only certain flowers, she just used what was on hand! Dryer flowers such as wildflowers tend to work a little bit better when it comes to pressing as well as using thinner stemmed flowers! (Sunflowers probably would not work best for this project)

Things you need:

- Two Sheets of Wax Paper (or newspaper if you have it on hand)

- Two heavy books (Cookbooks work great!)

- Tweezers

- Flowers of your choice (Pansies, Forget-Me-Nots, Cornflowers, and Butterfly Weed are really great options but you can really use anything small and dainty)

- A bottle of Clear Elmer's Glue

- Cardstock Cards (I get mine from Amazon Smile and you can find them here!)

Step 1: Place stems and flower tops in between two sheets of wax paper and tape sheets together so no stray flowers fall out in the process

Step 2: Grab your heavy book, insert taped sheets into the middle of your book, place more books (or something heavy) on top, and stick in a dry spot for approximately 1-2 weeks

Step 3: Once your flowers have been dried, the stems should not be flimsy. From here you will use your tweezers and arrange your flowers on your cardstock card

Step 4: Place a thinner layer of glue along the flower stem and flower and let dry overnight

Step 5: Once the flowers have been initially glued down to the cardstock, paint another thin layer of clear glue over the top of the stems and flowers and let dry overnight

And there you have it! You will have a beautiful personal card to give to someone you love.

Have a go at it! You never know who in your life needs a little bit of joy brought to them today through a homemade card.



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