The Word Stands Forever

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The grass withers and the flowers fade,

but the word of our God stands forever.

- Isaiah 40:8


Longing for something bigger or better to come along.

Desiring to be successful, accomplished, important—

This is how I felt during my first semester of graduate school.

I started my first semester of graduate school this past August. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree the previous May, and I was excited to continue my education. However, as the weeks went by, I began to feel discontent - I didn’t feel confident in the place I’d been planted.

I studied writing when I was an undergraduate, but I’m currently studying English education for my master’s degree - even though I don’t believe I’m meant to be a teacher.

I’ve asked myself the same question over and over and over again - “Celeste, if you don’t want to be a teacher, then why are you still here?”

And every time, I said the same thing - “Because God called me here. And I know that if He asked me to stay, I’ll stay.”

I know that God asked me to stay and earn my master’s degree, but to be honest, I’ve wanted to walk away more than once. The discontentment consumed me. I didn’t feel like I had a purpose, and I felt like I was studying something pointless to the life I wanted to have in the future.

And when I began to feel discontent, I became emotional, and I doubted God’s promise - that He would never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5).

I know God has called me to where I am - to be a graduate student and to study English education. But that doesn’t mean I’ll always understand the reason why.

However, if I trust that God is working everything out for His will to be fulfilled in my life, I know that I’ll bloom in the place I’m planted.

I don’t know what my future holds. But whenever I begin to feel discontent, I remember that my God called me to this place, at this time—and I trust that He is preparing me for the next season of my life.


1. Where has God planted you at this season of your life?

2. Is this the place you thought you would be?

3. How can you trust God more in this season and prepare your heart for whatever comes next?


Abba Father, You are the master storyteller, the master planner. And You have so skillfully and lovingly prepared each season of my life. Right now, Abba, I want to thank You for the place I am planted. I know that I am here - by Your design - to learn more about You and to grow in my relationship with You. Abba, I want to bloom where I’m planted. Help me to radiate Your love and be an example of Your grace to those around me. Thank You for loving me so much and for bringing me to this season of my life. I love You, Abba. Amen.



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