Waiting Among the Weeds

Once, a long time ago, a man went out and planted wheat in his fields. He held high hopes for a bountiful harvest and went to bed dreaming about gleaming fields of wheat.

But, late that night, an enemy came and threw the seeds of weeds into the wheat field. Of course, because they were only seeds, the farmer didn’t notice at first what had been done to his field.

It wasn’t until blades of wheat began to sprout that his workers knew something was wrong: weeds were sprouting up, too! Frustrated and confused, they told the farmer what they had discovered.

He immediately knew who had sabotaged his hard work, but the farmer wouldn’t let his enemy discourage him.

The workers wanted to try uprooting all of the weeds before they had a chance to grow any bigger. Unfortunately, that would also ruin the entire crop of wheat. The farmer stopped them—he had a better idea.

He told them to be patient and leave the weeds and the wheat alone until harvest time. Then, they would harvest them together. At that point, it would be easier to separate the weeds from the wheat without wasting the entire crop.

So, that’s what they did. In the months to come, the farmer and his workers watched as the wheat grew taller amidst the weeds.

When it came time to bring in the harvest, the wheat was finally separated from the weeds. They bundled the wheat and stored it in the barn, but they took the weeds and burned them.

Jesus told this parable in Matthew 13:24-29.

His disciples didn’t understand the meaning, so, in Matthew 13:36-43, Jesus explains the story.

He is the Farmer, and just like the farmer planted the wheat in his field, Jesus planted His people in the world.

Unfortunately, Jesus has an enemy, too: satan. Satan’s goal is to discourage God’s children, and the “weeds” he planted are those who choose not to accept Christ as their Savior.

At the end of time, the angels will “harvest” the souls of men. Those who have chosen to follow Christ will be brought into His “barn”: Heaven. Sadly, those who don’t will, like the weeds in the story, be cast into fire.

Sometimes, we can be like the workers in the story. As soon as something goes wrong, we want to tear it down and start over. But that’s not always the way God sees things. We just have to be patient until He brings about a different kind of harvest, and we can benefit from the beautiful crop of blessings that He has helped to grow during that time. Trust in God’s timing, and “then the righteous will shine like the sun in their Father’s kingdom” (Matt. 13:43, NLT).


1. What are some “weeds” in your life that God may be using to help you grow?

2. How can you best trust God to deal with the weeds the way He sees fit, in His perfect timing?


Dear God, thank You for always having a plan, even when we don’t understand it. Help us to be patient and trust You to know what we need, when we need it. Teach us to wait for Your timing—for that moment when everything comes together in a beautiful harvest of blessings, Amen.



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