Choosing Jesus as Your Savior

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For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

- John 3:16 ESV

Our lives are essentially made up of choices.

What you are experiencing today is made from choices you made in the past. Good or bad, we live with our choices.

When we take responsibility for our bad or wrong choices, the first step to choosing a relationship with Jesus is to acknowledge the wrong choices. We have to first admit to ourselves and to God that we went our own way and we are sorry. Sometimes it takes something difficult in our lives to bring us to this point. Some people refer to it as “rock bottom.” Down and out is a place where you feel like there is no hope, no way out and no one to rescue you.

Have you ever heard the term “The Good News?” It refers to the good news of Jesus Christ! He is your hope, the way out, and your rescuer!

The good news is that God provided us with His only Son, Jesus, to take away our sins. But like everything else in life, He is a choice. The Bible tells us that Jesus comes and knocks on the door of our hearts, but it’s our choice to let Him in. When we choose Jesus, He makes all things new! He gives us life to the fullest! He gives us forgiveness and eternal life with Him and God the Father!

Not only do you know you will go to Heaven but life with Jesus starts here, the moment you receive Him. You pass from the world of darkness into His brilliant light! You become a child of God! You are now in the family of God and His Kingdom. You no longer have to feel alone because you aren’t alone. Jesus said He would send The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to live inside of us to lead and guide us all the days of our lives.

When we surrender to God we gain purpose and meaning for our lives. Following Jesus gives us direction and reason for what we do. Jesus is the answer to all our problems.

The Bible was Holy Spirit inspired, written for us, to lead us, guide us, help us in this human race we are in. God doesn’t wish for anyone to perish but wants all to come to repentance and spend eternity with Him, we are His family!

I pray that these words give life to the reader, that they cause the light to shine in your heart and help you to choose the better thing, Jesus!

Here is a prayer you can pray if you would like to spend the rest of your life with the One who will never leave you, protect you, comfort you and most of all love you unconditionally:

Holy Father, I know I haven’t been living in Your ways, I have chosen my way and I am learning that my way isn’t so good. I ask You to please forgive me; I want to turn around and go in Your direction for my life. I believe Jesus is the Son of God, died for my sins, and rose on the third day. I invite His Holy Spirit to dwell within me and to lead and guide me in the way I should go. Thank You for hearing my prayer and answering my call! Amen.


1. If you made the life-giving choice to receive Jesus as your Savior I want to say I am so happy for you! Go share your good news with a friend! If you’re not ready yet and would like to learn more or still have questions, check out the Emoji Gospel here.

2. Spend daily time with God by reading your Bible and going to church. Do you have a church in mind?

3. Celebrate this special day!



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