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5 DIY Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Written by: Abby Gannon

It’s officially Fall, and with the coming of a new season comes new adventures and new traditions to enjoy with your friends and family!

One of the most beloved Fall traditions is creating fun designs with pumpkins. Whether you like decorating with different colored pumpkins, carving them and displaying them on the porch, or having a pumpkin painting party with friends, these vegetables always prove to be a seasonal favorite!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, family, or your kiddos this fall, grab some pumpkins and paint from the closest store and follow the directions below to create one of these cute designs.

1. The Donut Pumpkin

Anyone else have the biggest sweet tooth? Channel your cravings into this cute design! You’ll need a pumpkin, brushes, and different colored paints. I suggest white, pink, blue, red, and green.

First, draw a line all the way around your pumpkin a little less than halfway down from the top. Then draw another line all the way around the pumpkin about a half-inch out from the stem. Then paint your pumpkin pink between the two lines. Once the pink paint dries, take the white, blue, red, and green paint and put little straight lines randomly around the pumpkin on top of the pink to represent sprinkles. Let the paint dry and you’re all set! To make it even more fun, order a dozen donuts for you and your friends while you paint and use the empty donut box for cute pics when you’re finished!

2. The Pumpkin Facial

Another fun Fall idea for you and your friends: at-home spa days complete with facials! And what better way to commemorate the season than by giving your pumpkin a facial as well!? You’ll need a pumpkin, brushes, and paint. I suggest light turquoise or mint green, pink, and black.

First, you’ll want to draw a large oval on the front of your pumpkin, taking up the majority of the space. Then, draw two smaller ovals for eyes, a circle for a nose, and an oval for a mouth. Paint everything inside the big oval - except for the ovals for features - the light turquoise/mint green color. Then use the pink paint to make lips and the black paint to make eyes. If you want to get extremely creative, you can wrap the top of the pumpkin with a small towel and place cucumbers over the eyes! Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your fresh, clean creation!

3. The Emoji Pumpkin

Who enjoys using emojis!? I know I do! And what better way to express how you feel about Fall than painting your favorite emoji on your pumpkin? You’ll need a pumpkin; brushes; and yellow, white, black, and red paint.

First, paint your entire pumpkin yellow. Then, choose your emoji face - if you’re painting with friends, you can mix it up and choose emojis for each other that you think represent their personality! If you’re making a smiley face emoji, use the black paint for the eyes and mouth with the white to make the pupils. If you want to express your love for fall through your emoji, use the red paint to make heart eyes. Get creative and have fun!!

4. The Harry Potter Pumpkin

Any other Harry Potter fans out there? I know Fall always makes me want to sit down with a big cup of hot cocoa and binge watch all the Harry Potter movies start to finish! And, what better way to welcome the season than by painting a pumpkin to commemorate your fav movie series? You’ll need a pumpkin; brushes; and black, red, yellow, and white paint.

First, you’ll want to draw glasses on Pumpkin Harry - remember his are big and round. Then, draw his hair - you can get creative and make Harry’s hair the way it looks in your favorite movie! Paint the rims of the glasses and his hair black. Next, draw a line all the way around the pumpkin a few inches up from the bottom. Draw diagonal lines going from that line to the base of the pumpkin. Then, paint every other section between the diagonal lines red and yellow. Use the white paint to give Harry eyes and either the yellow or black paint to make his lightning bolt scar! After all, it wouldn’t be Harry without his scar! Now, turn on your favorite movie and watch it with your new friend Pumpkin Harry!

5. The Jack Skellington Pumpkin

A Halloween favorite - The Nightmare Before Christmas - could be the perfect inspiration for your pumpkin painting party! You’ll need a pumpkin, brushes, and black and white paint.

First, paint your entire pumpkin white. Depending on the color of the stem, you may want to paint it black to match. Then, draw two diagonal ovals for eyes and two smaller diagonal ovals to make nostrils. You’ll also want to draw a long line slightly curved up for a mouth - getting wider towards the center. Then draw vertical lines through the mouth. Lastly, use the black paint to fill in all of the features. Then turn on your favorite halloween movie or get dressed and ready for trick-or-treaters to enjoy your home and your beautiful pumpkin!

No matter what design you choose, remember to have fun with your friends, family, or kiddos this season! And don’t forget to tag @laneofroses so we can see your fun Fall pumpkin creations!



* Images above are from Pinterest.com

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