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A Promise Kept to Sarah

Written by: Vaché King

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Then God said: “No, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son, and you shall call his name Isaac; I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with

his descendants after him."

- Genesis 17:19

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you could almost touch it? You may have seen your friends enjoy what you believe is for you, but you have to watch from the sideline? Or you have been cast aside as a woman because it appears as though God has left you out of the equation? Such is the story of Sarah.

God gave a promise to Abraham at the age of 99 and Sarah at the ripe age of 90 (I am kidding; nothing is ripe at 90 years old for a woman), they would be mother and father to generations to come (Genesis 17). They both had similar reactions, chuckling, as they had been waiting for literally a lifetime. Let’s be honest, have you ever waited so long for God to deliver on His promise, you’ve laughed or became discouraged, or even worse, went ahead of God…”helping Him out?”

Waiting was surely not one of my strong attributes and my attitude usually reflected as such. I recall shortly after my husband and I were married, the first time, I was excited to do what I thought married folks did….purchase a home. So there I was, out on a mission searching.

Notice I said, *I* was on a mission searching. Not that I prayed unto the Lord for direction, no not at all. I never went to Him asking Him anything about what to do. I know it's ridiculous, huh?

Nonetheless, I continued searching, found a home I loved, and began the process. If I had consulted the Lord at the beginning for direction, I am 100% sure I would have not had the mess and confusion that followed as God operates in decent and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40). But considering I did not seek Him first (Matthew 6:33), nothing went in the manner I hoped for it to go. I wished I had listened to the still small voice when I was told my credit was not good enough and I didn’t have any money to put down. I just had to have the home, waiting was not an option. So, yep you guessed it, I went ahead of God and did a RTO (rent-to-own).

It’s funny, the trickle effect which occurs from not consulting God and doing what is right in your own eyes (Judges 21:25). Rent-to-own is not bad if that is the direction God has instructed you to go; however, that was not my story. God never told me to rent, as a matter of fact, He said I would own, He also said to get my house in order. Unfortunately, I did not. We never purchased the home and went further into debt...among other things. The trickle down effect.

I marvel at how nothing is new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9) as Sarah went ahead of God as well. I am sure Sarah was thinking God needed her help as she said, “Please, go in to my maid; perhaps I shall obtain children by her.” And Abram heeded the voice of Sarai. (Genesis 16:2b) The desperation she was experiencing, wanting to be accepted as a woman by society, and rushing the promise God had previously given to enter a life of turmoil. All because she couldn’t wait.

God’s promises are always yes and amen! (2 Corinthians 1:20). We may never know the “why” God chooses when the promises come to pass. He is sovereign and our path is based on eternity, not our timeline. In my case, there were things God was calling me to do before the promise. For example, tithing consistently, being a good steward over the remaining 90%, being faithful over the rental property He had blessed me with.

The question remains, are you willing to wait on God’s timing?


1. Have you ever gone ahead of God because you believed He forgot about the promise He spoke to you?

2. Did you experience the trickle down effect of choosing your own way opposed to trusting in God?


Lord, thank You for being faithful. Everything You promised, will come to pass. Thank You for Your Word is true. Forgive us oh Lord when we doubt Your Word. Help us in moments of despair and desperation so we never go ahead of You. Keep us on the righteous path before You even when we cannot see Your promises with the visible eye. Help us trust You more. We are eternally grateful, in Jesus precious name we pray. Amen!



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