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A Testimony of the Father

Written by: Saphace Asamoah

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For the Father loves the Son and shows him everything he is doing. In fact, the Father will show him how to do even greater works than healing this man. Then you will truly be astonished.

- John 5:20

As God in the flesh, Jesus had life-giving power. John the Baptist spoke openly about the true Christ, yet people still believed He was just as wacky as they come. Friends, do we recognize that we are also meant to bear witness to how God works in our own lives?

Maybe you weren’t there when Jesus fed 5000 people or when He healed those who were sick.

These were amazing miracles, sometimes beyond what we can fathom in the present-time. The thought of someone being brought back to life almost doesn’t make sense according to science or logic. While God defies both of these which He created, it does not mean we don’t get to experience something so deeply thought-provoking in the stories written for us by Him.

I find it hard to believe I could represent someone well, especially because I am all too human and imperfect. It is possible for Jesus to be a testimony of the Father because not only was Jesus fully human, He was also fully God. It’s remarkable and mind-boggling to think that someone could honestly relate to us completely, yet also had the ability to work beyond the authority of space and time. But while being human is a huge limitation for us, being made in His image is not.

As Christians, we desire to seek truth and root ourselves in it. But none of the actual “fruits of our labor” are evident unless we actually believe in the truth we claim.

Jesus’s teachings and miracles show us that He knew that His identity as God gave Him authority and power that no one on Earth had. Do we believe that as adopted daughters we can share with others about the healing and freedom we have experienced too?

Some of us didn’t like science enough to choose a career in health care. I guess that means that a lot of us won’t know how to heal someone who is sick. Fortunately, having a Bachelor’s in Biology isn’t a requirement in God’s kingdom. Jesus may have healed people with diseases and sicknesses that we’ve never read about in school, but sharing with someone about freedom from an eating disorder, an unhealthy relationship, or the chains of depression are just as valuable and powerful.

Representing Jesus by sharing your testimony isn’t a call to perfection. We share our brokenness to remind those around us that our lives often look a lot like theirs.

Sometimes you lose your job or you fail an exam. Sometimes you turn back to bad habits or you say something your mama wouldn’t be pleased to hear. But God doesn’t say, “Wow! Sorry, I should have chosen someone else to represent me on Earth. Maybe someone with a clean history and better dance moves on Tik Tok.”

God just wants us to be real about our journey. After all, salvation is about everything He did right, not about everything we did wrong.


1. Thinking about your past mistakes, how do you see God’s hand in redeeming brokenness in your life?

2. How does understanding brokenness in yourself make for a powerful story about God’s glory? How does it make you better able to relate to others?

3. How does knowing how God sees you change how you share your testimony with others?


Redeeming Father, You have chosen me for a purpose that is already set out for me. Looking too long at my past sometimes makes me feel broken, but I know that You have lifted me up to do greater things even as I heal. Show me how to love You and the people around me enough, knowing that my story is worth sharing, amen.



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