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Always With Us

Megan Garrett

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The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God endures forever.

- Isaiah 40:8

I want to be completely vulnerable with you right now and tell you that I am tired. Fear and insecurities have worn me down these past few months. So much in fact, that I have put off writing this piece. How am I supposed to write about Spring and the hope that God brings when I am feeling utterly disconnected from Him?

Now, COVID-19 has begun to pop up across the United States. The stores are scarce due to people stocking up on supplies. The restaurants have closed. Many schools and workplaces are shut down for the next couple of months. And during this time, I am seeing so many people fear for their future. The panic has caused my anxiety to worsen and I paralyze myself with worry.

I feel that I am too much of a disaster to really be His daughter.

Often in these times, when I should be reaching for God, I try to isolate myself from Him. I don’t feel His presence and so I start to believe that He is not with me.

However, I still had this piece to write. I had a responsibility that I committed to and I needed to complete it. So, I open my Bible to Isaiah 40:6-8, and you know what God tells me? He tells me that I am weak. That oh yes, I surely do fall. My bravery, passion, and happiness can fade. But He is what will always bring me back to life.

The Bible is full of promises from God. We are promised that He will fight for us. He gives us strength. He will uphold us. He tells us that He will bring us peace. And many other promises that show how much He loves us. This is what we all need to remember, not just in times of panic, but in seasons of doubt. The pandemic of COVID-19 is not over; but this world is broken and inevitably we will all continue to go through difficult times here. What we need to hold onto is God and His promises. He is with us; He is always with us.


1. As discussed, there are many promises that God makes to His children throughout the Bible. What is one promise that You need to remind yourself of right now? How does holding onto this promise and God’s Word change your outlook?

2. We are all going to have times where we fall. What is a weakness that you have been allowing to control you that you need to ask God for forgiveness for? How can you allow Him to help you rise above this?


God, I thank You for Your Word and how You have filled it with promises. I thank You for being a God who fulfills Your promises. I am sorry for the times that I doubt You and Your love. I ask for a faithful heart that knows to lean on You during hard times, Amen.



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